Tissue Paper Pom Poms

With Bella’s birthday party coming up, I’m not planning on spending loads of money on decorations etc so I have been making them myself. Here is how I made a tissue paper Pom Poms! Much easier than it looks and takes about 15 minutes to make one and they are really cheap!

You need to make one big Pom Poms:

10 sheets of Tissue paper (the more sheets you add, the bigger the Pom Poms)

1 piece of florist wire (a sturdier kind is better)

Ribbon (It should be the length that you want your Pom Poms to hang)


How to do it:

Put all the pieced of tissue paper on top of each other

Fold them over as you would for a Chinese Fan or an Accordion fold and run your hand over the fold to make it quite sharp. The tighter or smaller you fold them the more definition it will have when you open it.

Once it is all folded, lift up the tissue paper and place the florist wire underneath it. Place your finger on top of the middle of the fan so that it doesn’t come undone and using the florist wire, bend it around  the tissue paper where your finger was holding it down and then bend it around the otherwise in a knot shape.

Take the ribbon and attached to the wire by making a knot around the wire. Make sure that you make it very tight so that it does not come loose when hanging.

Take your scissors and cut the tops of the tissue paper in a half moon shape from one side to the other so that when you open the tissue paper, it creates that interesting ball shape.

Slowly separate the pieces of tissue paper from each other, separating them as close to the wire as possible. Don’t be hasty here as they tissue paper can tear and leave holes.

And Voila! You have a tissue paper Pom Poms! Use the ribbon to hang it up where ever you want it to be!


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