Look at me Mum…………

Make up. I find that there is a before and after mom makeup routine! Before Bella I never used to take long putting my make-up on but I had time to do eyeliner and fuss a little. Now I have spare mascara in the car as sometimes I get to work and realise that I forgot to put it on! There have also been many times when I just don’t have time to put it on at home and end up putting it on in the car! Last week I walked past a lady in her car putting her make up on while parked and she looked up at me with one eye done and the other looking quite bare! I smiled at her and laughed when I saw the car seat in the back! She glared at me and when I said “That’s the best place to put it on, I’m a mom too!” she started smiling and laughing and it made both our mornings! We were not alone in this!

Make up has also made me realise how Bella watches me without me knowing! One morning I left my eye shadow compact on my pedestal   and left the room to go and do something. When I came back, there was Little Miss with my eye shadow compact pulling it open! I tried to take it away but oh no! She wanted to be like me so I figured let her try and see what she does! She took her index finger and rubbed it on the different colours and tried to “put” it on her eyes. Needless to say it she did get some on her eyelid..and her cheek….and her nose…and her hair and some ended up on her clothes as well! I had to draw the line when she made a beeline for my mascara!! Funnily enough this morning while she was playing my jewellery box, she came across my old mascara that I have there in case I can’t find my other one. I turned around to get something and when I turned back she had unscrewed it and had rubbed it along her cheek!!!! I foresaw black everywhere and took it away from her nicely!  She carried on with the rest of my jewellery instead but I now know to hide all mascaras (in a place I will remember where I hid them!!!).  Little Miss also loves to stick her fingers in my lip gloss and to be honest, while sitting in a queue for a bank; this has entertained her for quite some time! It’s one of those “treasures” that have escaped out of my bag when I don’t have toys with to keep her busy!

Watching Mom!









Cream is now another one of her favourites and I don’t put that on every day! She likes to try to open the bottle or tube, rub some on her hands and then get it EVERYWHERE! I mean on her clothes, her face, her legs, her hands and one of her favourites, rubbing it in her hair!!! Cream has been a little thing to keep her busy if I have to get dressed etc. but when she puts it in her hair and she looks like a grease ball, I often wonder what the other moms at crèche think of me! I do wash her hair, honest!

This makes me realise that everything that I do, she is watching and although it doesn’t seem like it, her baby blues are seeing and paying attention! This morning I saw her aim for my nail polish………

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