Last night for the first time, I went to Pilates and I actually enjoyed it! There wasn’t any of the “move into this position or that” and I actually felt like I was getting a workout! Strangely enough, today I don’t feel sore but tomorrow might be another day! I am hoping to make this into a more regular thing….hmmm.

hanging butterflies

My head has been filled with pink butterflies as I did a butterfly party for a friend! If I never see another butterfly, it may be too soon! The party was a lot of fun and the kids seemed to enjoy themselves! I did all of the décor and it took time but very easy to do. Thank heavens the wind wasn’t blowing again like the last party I did! The slight breeze made it look like the butterflies were flying above the table!

butterfly table


Here is a  butterfly party packs tutorial and they take about 30 minutes to make! The amount of paper you need depends on how many party packs you have to make. The below is for 24 party packs. You might have some over as well that you can use for other decorations.

Butterfly party packs tutorial

What you need:

Butterfly template

5 sheets of light coloured pink paper

5 sheet of darker coloured pink paper

Paper bags (I used white ones)



Cardboard from a cereal box


Tippex/correction fluid


To do:

Print out the templates for the large and small butterfly and cut them out. Trace them onto the cardboard so that you have a stiffer template to use.


Trace the large cardboard butterfly onto the dark paper and the small butterfly onto the light paper. The closer you space them, the less paper you waste and the more butterflies you get out.


Cut out all of the butterflies that you have traced. Using the tippex, put small dots all along the smaller butterflies wings to make them stand out more. Leave them to dry.


Glue the large butterfly to the paper bag and leave it to dry. Once the glue is dry, fold the smaller butterflies wings in half with the dot side on the inside and then put some glue down the middle of the opposite side (without dots). Put this glue part down in the centre of the bigger butterfly.

Leave it to dry and then you can pack all your sweets, chips etc inside.


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