Making a cupcake topper is really easy and doesn’t take long to make! You can use any image  that you want to and follow the tutorial as below. Here is an owl cupcake topper tutorial! I got the image from here and comes from Impromptu Parties I will add it as a pdf so it is easier to download and all you need to do is print!

You will need:

Paper or cardboard that you want to print the image onto (cardboard works really well). Get the image Owl Cupcake Topper


Glue (I found adhesive glue to work best like Bostik Gel Glue)


How to do it:


Print the picture onto the paper or card that you want the image on. I used a paper that was thicker than normal paper, like a cardboard type, so that the image would stay straight up and not fall down.

Cut the image out using your scissors. I left a little of the blue rim around the oval white to give it more of an effect

Make sure that your picture is the right way up (i.e. owls head at the top) and put a dot of glue on the back of the picture. Place a toothpick on the glue and make sure that the image is straight up and not slanting. Hold for a few seconds and then leave it on a flat surface to dry!

Please do send me pictures of how it came out and I will add them here for you!



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