I have a pair of canvas camouflage pumps that are really comfy to wear but not something the kind of shoes that you can wear them with anything because of their colour. So this got me thinking and off I went to the craft shop to get some fabric paint. Here is a quite 20 minute tutorial to paint your canvas shoes!

What you need:

Fabric paint in the colour that you need (check with the shop assistants if you need heat to set the colour)

A paint brush this a small brush on the front so that you can get to the tiny gaps

A hairdryer (if your paint needs to be heat activated to dry)


What to do:

Make sure that your shoes are clean and have no dust or mud on them

Spread the newspaper over the area that you will be working on so that you don’t mess

Holding your hand in the shoe, paint the shoe being careful not to go over any edges that have trimmings

Once you have finished paining your shoe, either leave it to dry or use the hairdryer on a hot setting to dry the paint and make it stay longer and you are done.

I gave mine another coat a week later to make it extra black! Please do send me pics of your “new shoes” if you do it!


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