Do you have those days where you run around trying to get everything done before you go to work/out and your child messes something on out clean shirt that cannot be hidden by wet wipes? So you race back to your cupboard to change only to arrive at work/destination to discover that you have your shirt on inside out or that your socks don’t match! This is the world of a mom!


This page is dedicated to us ladies!

Ways to make time for “Mommy Time”

This is something that we tend to forget as we feel “guilty” for spending less time with our little ones or after dividing our time between cleaning the house, and spending time with family and/or partner, you are so exhausted that all you want to do is sleep! Eventually you will get to a point where you will burn out or star to resent the fact that you have no “Me Time”! Here are some strategies that I have that I have found to get some more “Mommy Time”:

Make a dinner menu up for the week during your lunch break if you  are a working mom or if you are a stay at home mom, while you child is sleeping.  Make a shopping list of all the things that you need for the different meals and make a trip out of it going to buy all the different things! Alternatively buy your products online and have them delivered at a convenient time for you!  An important thing to buy is labels. Allocate one night a week and cook all the different meals that you have devised for the week and put them into different containers as you finish with them. Write use a label for each container and write the date and what the contents is and freeze it! Then during the week, instead of cooking, you can pop it into the microwave which gives you some time to relax when you get home from work/partner comes home and to spend family time. This means that you have less dishes to do and hence can spend a good 30/40 minutes in the bath once the kids are asleep instead of cleaning the kitchen!

If you are a stay at home mom, choose one night and stay up a little later and do all the washing, cleaning etc. that you would normally do the following day or during the week. Then instead of running around while the little one catches a nap, you can sit back, read a book and have a nice cup of coffee@!

Have a girl’s night out or in at a friend’s house at least once a month. This will give you time to spend some time catching up with your friends as well as some down time to watch a movie or just chat with other adults. Make use of partners, your parents, in-laws or other friends. If most of your special ones live far away, ask around about a reliable babysitter and arrange a pre-meeting so that you can meet them and to put your mind at rest so that when you go out, you don’t have to worry about what the babysitter is doing with your child.


Dads make good babysitters!

If you are a book reader but hardly ever find time to read, buy a Kindle and download audio e-books. These are books that are read out load by a narrator! Before going to work or somewhere that requires driving, put the Kindle on and “read” your book on the way to work! Just remember to concentrate on the road and to think of it as your radio!

Getting your child into an established bedtime routine will help you to get them to bed every night at the same time thus giving yourself some time to yourself. As a mom I know that sometimes our little angels become monsters and can take longer to go to sleep than other nights but if you have a general time frame within to work, you can get some time for yourself as well.








If you are in a relationship, you will know what I mean by saying that we have to make time to spend with our partners. Before kids you would spend weekends in each other’s arms, go to the movies at a moment’s notice and visit friends until late at night on weekends to sleep late on the Saturday or Sunday followed by a late brunch!  By having a date night with your partner, it will take away half the stress of wondering if you are both still on the same page as before you had your child which translates to “Mommy Time” as you will have other things to focus on i.e. the new book you saw  in Exclusive Books or Words Worth! Go once a week, every two weeks or at least once a month. Go out for coffee or dinner or if your finances are low, pack a picnic lunch and go to your local park and have a picnic or go walk around at a market. Where there is a will there is always a way!

Make an a date for an official “Me Day” and arrange for someone to look after the kids and take one whole day or a couple of hours, which ever you prefer, to do the things that you love doing! Go and get your nails or hair done. Take a book and go and read for hours in a coffee shop and eat that slice of cheesecake that you have been eyeing for weeks! Or go and do some shopping for yourself! Whatever takes your fancy and budget of course! Go on, you deserve to spoil yourself now and then!

Your friends are important and you would be surprised how many of them would love to have the opportunity to look after your child. Of course you would have to explain and show them what you’re little one likes and doesn’t like! Spend some time with your child and your friend so both can get used to each other. Go stand away from them so that your child realises that it is safe to be with them and come back after a little while. Keep doing this and extend the time that you are “away” until your child is completely comfortable and your friend doesn’t freak out!

Sisters are also good babysitters!









If you have any other tips, please feel free to let me know and I will put them in here!!




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