Supernova Magazine giveaway!








She did what? How do they do that? I want to try that, mental note to keep that page. Yes there are some of the thoughts that go through my mind when I am reading a magazine. I love magazines especially ones with things that I can make or try to figure out how they made it so that I can make it! Of course I have my favourites like Cosmo, Your Baby and of course Ideas! I have a collection of Your Baby magazines dating from 2006 and although it’s not every issue, it is a nice big pile that gets lent to special people with strict instructions to bring it back in the same condition! So imagine my surprise when I was asked to review the new Supernova magazine for kids….insert big happy face!

Supernova is a magazine that is aimed at kids from around 8 to 16 and has all sorts of interesting things like puzzles, games and even some history on South Africa that is shown in a fun way! The content of the magazine is fun, informative and entertaining, it focuses on subjects such as ecology, history, sports, science, world cultures, arts and social issues. The issue that I received even has Pokémon cards in it and although I am 29, I still love that show! It also has things to make like salt crystals on string or how to make candles and had it been around when I was a kid, I would have bought it! The cartoons are modern and cute and would definitely be worthwhile reading! I think that it could keep someone busy for quite a while and would be brilliant for those raining days when you don’t have much to do! It’s also has great ideas that parents can try with their kids to keep them entertained and things that you can do with a child. I am definitely going to try some of them with Bella when she is older! Have a look at their website for more ideas!

So I am going to make a nice giveaway! You can win the first ever addition (collectable as it says on the cover) and the latest issue and to enter it is very easy! Like their Facebook page and tell them that Baby Bugs ‘n Berries sent you! Leave a comment on the blog post and if you refer a friend to like Baby Bugs ‘n Berries and the Supernova page, tell them to say you and Baby Bugs ‘n Berries sent you and  you will get an extra entry! Competition ends on Friday 14 December 2012 and then I will post them off to you so that hopefully they arrive in time for Christmas!

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Here comes Christmas








Christmas time is always a time with mixed emotions for me but more now that I have a Bella. One because we don’t really do the whole tree decorating or Father Christmas thing anymore (religious reasons) but we do put out the nativity scene and sometimes we will do a small gift like something that we have made or under R50 per person!  Last year we did do a gift but Bella was too small to understand it and I wonder if she will “miss out” on all the memories I made as a child during the Christmas period. I didn’t care about the presents; my mom always taught us it’s about the thought that counts and not what you get. I cared about seeing my cousins and especially my cousin Pieter who is has always had a spot in my heart, a very special one! This year we are going to my mother’s family and to be honest, I really can’t wait as I haven’t spent a Christmas with them in a very long time!

My second thing is about the actual present giving itself. The thing is that there are so many people out there that can’t afford Christmas presents and every year this time I always remember at age 6 asking a girl at Sunday School what she got for Christmas and she told me pens, rubbers and books and I remember thinking “Wow, was she a naughty girl this year?” It bothered me so that I asked my mom and she explained that her family couldn’t afford to buy her presents and her school things for the following year so she got her school stationary for Christmas. Now that I have Bella, I can only imagine how those parents felt but I hope that they remembered that this time is about family and not about what they gave their child although I can only imagine how they must have hurt. There is so much pressure out there to buy this and buy that that I think a lot of people forget what it actually is about. If Bella gets a present, she will not be getting anything big for Christmas, we spend a little more on birthdays as Rick and I don’t do Valentine’s Day, Easter Eggs (we do hot cross buns) and other little holidays where you are expected to spend loads amounts of money on presents and cripple yourself financially! I always love going shopping after these events as you get things at really good sales as people try to clear out their stock for the next event. I am sorry but I am not going to put myself into debt that will take a while to clear when I could be spending money on something important like having a family day or putting the money away. This might seem wrong to you but this is how Rick and I both feel so I don’t feel alone in this.

So going forward (I like action plans) I am going to remind Bella as much as I can about the religious side of this holiday, to spend as much as I can in time with my family and to have a safe trip and journey when we do our 14 hour car ride to my family. Look after yourself and don’t put yourself in danger by drinking and driving and have a safe time with your family!

Guest Blogger : The How to Blog









So I asked my friend Lauren from The How to Blog to be my Guest Blogger to give me some fashion advice especially since I don’t always have a lot of time and to give me some tips on what to wear etc 😉 Here’s what she said!


Alright. Now let’s talk fashion.

The absolute best item I have ever bought was this right here…

I am so in love with this black blazer. I guess you could say it’s the Jack to my Rose (Titanic reference). It is the fastest way to dress up any outfit, and you can wear pretty much anything with it. Look at all these different shirts I’ve worn with it- a black blazer seriously goes with anything…

I bought this blazer from Forever 21 and the best part- it was only $20! Such a good deal considering I wear it 1-2 times every week. AND I’ve already done two fashion posts with this article of clothing since I bought it, check it out…

Link to post here


Link to post here

Now here are some basic wardrobe essentials every girl should have. The following articles can be mixed and matched into tons of different outfits and are great “go to” articles.

When it comes to layers I recommend:

1. Patterned cardigan-I wear this allll the time to work, not only does it add contrast, but style too. (Target $25)

2. A couple different color cardigans, if it’s a little chilly outside just put one on, it can also add so much to an outfit. (Target $20 each)

3. The beloved blazer. Seriously. Can’t go wrong with this one.  (Forever 21 $20)

1. Plain gray shirt (wear this all the time-when I just want to be comfy, at home, to work, everywhere). My favorite outfit is this gray shirt under my blazer with a chunky pearl necklace and jeggings. Love, love, love. (Target $8)
2. Plain white t-shit, goes with anything and is such an easy choice! (Target $8)
3. Horizontal strips, not only is this a super fashionable piece these days, but horizontal stripes are adorable. I love wearing that shirt with my red cardigan. (Gap $25)
4. Anything floral is always adorable. (Forever 21 $22)


1. Dark blue jeggings. Look absolutely perfect with boots, boot cuffs, and a peacoat. (Hollister $40ish)

2. Black jeggings-go with everything, I swear! (American Eagle $46)

3. Khaki pants, mine just happen to be corduroy…I will always love corduroy. Haters gonna hate. (Hollister $60 but I have another pair of Khakis from Target which were much cheaper)

4. White jeans. Fashionable, delicate, lovely. My favorite pants in the summer time. (Gap $50)


1. Black (Ross $12)

2. Khaki (Ross $12)

3. White (Plato’s Closet $6)

4. Flowy-floral is always a great choice (Forever 21 $14)


1. Basic pair of ballet flats (Famous Footwear $32)

2. Casual boots (Nordstrom Rack $40)

3. Wedged pair of boots for fancy occasions (Forever 21 $22)

4. Slip ons (Zumiez $40ish)

5. High heels- neutral or nude (Clarks $100, Birthday present)



-Only a week and a half left of this semester then we are Washington bound!  

-Every time I get a new follower my eyes get all wide and I excitedly text the hubs. The convo usually goes a little something like this…

Me:”64!”…”82!”…”87!” etc.

Hubs: You’re doin it babe! You’re on the way to stardom…

(love that [sarcastic] guy of mine)


-Reading all the birth stories of my favorite famous bloggers while Josh was working until midnight. Yep, bawled my eyes out. Might have been because Christmas music was playing in the background, and that brings al sorts of emotions. But was probably because I’m a sentimental softy like that. And some people are just such good dang writers, they know exactly how to pull at your heart strings. No wonder they’re famous.
-Realized when I make hot chocolate in our little microwave that the perfect amount of time is 1 minute and 52 seconds, I now only take my drink at that temperature.
-Wore ballet flats for the last time this semester. Upon my arrival to class my shoes had little puddles in them and my toesies were as white as Edward Cullen’s bony bod. Sad day.

And for all of you blog readers who haven’t visited my site yet, here’s my hubs and I. Each post is filled with quirky and humorous stories about our wonderful life and lots of fashion ideas and tips. 

Remember you can catch my blog here


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Win a vinyl sticker from Bella B Decor SA








You could win this cute giraffe vinyl sticker from Bella B Decor SA! It is so cute and will be wonderful to decorate any room or as a gift for a friend! You can have a look at their wonderful website where you can see a wonderful range of products that they do from Wall Art to home and children décor! Choose from their wide range of wall art and turn an old and boring room into something chic and trendy. Bella B Wall Art can be used in any room. Offices, Living rooms, Lounges, Kitchens, Bedrooms and even Bathrooms!

To enter you need to like their Facebook page and say that Baby Bugs ‘n Berries sent you, comment on my blog  and share this post on Facebook. If you refer someone to both pages tell them to say your name and Baby Bugs ‘n Berries sent y ou and  you get an extra entry and another one if they leave a blog comment! Entries close on the 6 December and unfortunately at the moment it is only open to residents of SA.

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Bella is getting a childs haircut!








Tomorrow Bella is going for a childs haircut and while this sound like a run of the mill thing to you, in our house this is massive as he daddy doesn’t like her hair to be cut. He does the fringe (while mom winces slightly at the um pottiness of it but would never say a word) and the rest is left like is for the “professionals” to do it. The reason for this is that one hairdresser cut so much off her hair that she cut off all Bella’s curls and when it grew back it grew with a vengeance. Since that incident it has been cut once more and not really to mommy’s satisfaction as I think it needs to be shorter and even that took some doing. Bella is like her daddy and gets hot very quickly so she sweats. Madame also hates having her hair brushed and although hubby does do it a lot, it is often my task to negotiate those stubborn knots that seem to creep into her hair while she sleeps.

This got me thinking about the whole certificate thing that the salons give you with your child’s first haircut, extra of course, and the lock of hair tied with a ribbon. The first haircut Bella ever got was from this mama and it took everyone 2 weeks to notice that it had been done as I did such a good job; they just thought she had become more beautiful overnight. I wasn’t sentimental about it and didn’t keep anything and don’t regret not doing it? Daddy forgets that Madame’s haircut is almost the same price as his as there are so few kiddie hairdressers that they can charge what they want!

Oh well, wish me luck for tomorrow and hope that my child comes back looking like a human being and not a little Martian or Alfalfa as we are going to a new hairdresser! Dad may need to take a few um…um…calming breaths when we get home just in case it’s not the way it should be!

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Eating for two Upsized me








When you are pregnant you people will tell you to remember that you are eating for two and but to eat in moderation. I always used to wonder what that meant, I mean if the baby wants 3 beetroot and jam sandwiches, let her have it! I’m not a real milk chocolate fan and will eat one maybe once in two months if that but when I was pregnant you could not keep me away from them.  I would make hubby get up at 2am to go with me to the 24 hour McDonalds to buy chocolate sundaes with extra sauce. Now I can’t even stomach the one with the normal amount of sauce. I know chocolate isn’t good when pregnant but I could not help it! Hubby almost bought shares in Nestle and Cadbury and not to even speak about Aero’s.

Fast forward a few months and I have a bouncing baby girl and a nice bouncing tire around my waist that wasn’t there before her. To be honest I didn’t put on that much weight but that which I did was enough. I was so preoccupied with being a mom that I actually forgot to look after my weight and one or two extra kilos joined the mileage to the tire. Fast forward two years and thanks to a diet that works (insert a real pain in the bottom). My friend Francois advice and Zumba on our Wii, I have lost all the pregnancy weight and the 2kg that I gained from giving up smoking (p.s I craved chocolates when I stopped but apparently this is normal).  I actually had to give away all my pregnancy clothes a while back because just to look at them upset me! Did I really fit into those tents?

I have decided that should I have another child, I will eat for two and in moderation. Hopefully with next baba I will be able to stomach chicken and not throw up from it. I will try to stay away from the chocolates and join a mommy preggie class so that when baby does come, the tire won’t be there afterwards to remind me of being pregnant. If I don’t remember this I will have to come back to this post to remind myself, that is if I don’t get bad porridge brain again! 😉

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Free December Calendar printable








They say December is the season of giving so here is a Free December Calendar printable that I designed for you to use to try and make it a bit easier on you! I find if I don’t write everything down then I tend to forget it all! Escpecially with all the parties, school concerts and things that are happening at the moment! It seems everything is happening at once and if I don’t write it down I will end up offending someone!

Free December Calendar printable <- click on the link to download it and print as a Word document. Although it is free it isn’t for commercial use!

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My reasons to be grateful!








This weekend we had a fantastic family weekend! Oh how I wish it was Saturday again and we can get up to a lot of mischief.  It was also a weekend that reminded me of a few things and and gave me reasons to be grateful!

Rick and I believe that Bella should experience as much as she can to help her grow and so that one day she can have knowledge of so many things around her. We took her and her bucket and spade to the beach to go and build sandcastles and I packed extra clothes as I know she is like her mommy and always seems to end up in the water. When Rick and Bella started to fill the bucket with sand she loved it but when he turned it over she nearly had a paw paw and it took me a second to realize that she didn’t remember building a sandcastle last year and so didn’t know what a sandcastle was.  She didn’t understand what he was doing and probably though he was being funny and hence started getting upset. I mentioned this and when he started to explain about it, she calmed down completely, let him show her how to do it and then wanted to do it herself. This made me think, how often does one take for granted that little kids know what is a thing is especially if they have never seen it? I also thought of this as I was driving Bella to school and told her to look at the big mountains. I’m sitting here wondering if she knew what I was talking about even though she said “Wow”, because would she know what a mountain is?  If there are hundreds of things out in the road, how do you pin point what a mountain is? J

I also saw how much she has grown and how comfortable she was around the other children. Yes she does still have a few sharing issues but we are learning that “Sharing is Good” so hopefully it will pay off. We also went to my brother in-law, Steven, and had a braai with him and his girlfriend at his house and I was once again reminded of how Bella has grown to love people that are important in her life. Please note that this can irritate me at 3am when she asks for Steven or when you have a 20 minute conversation with her about when can she see him, is he coming to visit etc but she loves him a lot and he loves her in return so it is good.

So as you can see, I have a lot to be grateful for and one day when she is big I will tease her about all the crazy little things she has done as a kid and then take out the photos to show. Of course I will hide those that have her parents looking like Nana’s with her in case she uses them for blackmail too!

What do you have to be grateful for?

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An owl cupcake topper tutorial








Making a cupcake topper is really easy and doesn’t take long to make! You can use any image  that you want to and follow the tutorial as below. Here is an owl cupcake topper tutorial! I got the image from here and comes from Impromptu Parties I will add it as a pdf so it is easier to download and all you need to do is print!

You will need:

Paper or cardboard that you want to print the image onto (cardboard works really well). Get the image Owl Cupcake Topper


Glue (I found adhesive glue to work best like Bostik Gel Glue)


How to do it:


Print the picture onto the paper or card that you want the image on. I used a paper that was thicker than normal paper, like a cardboard type, so that the image would stay straight up and not fall down.

Cut the image out using your scissors. I left a little of the blue rim around the oval white to give it more of an effect

Make sure that your picture is the right way up (i.e. owls head at the top) and put a dot of glue on the back of the picture. Place a toothpick on the glue and make sure that the image is straight up and not slanting. Hold for a few seconds and then leave it on a flat surface to dry!

Please do send me pictures of how it came out and I will add them here for you!



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Review: Win a 3 month subscription to Gembox!








With so many electronic ways of getting mail now a day, getting a snail mail package is makes me giggle and jump up and down with excitement. This is how I felt when I got my Gembox  from the fantastic company called Gemgem.

“Now what is a Gembox “, you may be thinking and it is a really inexpensive but clever idea! You can choose a subscription to suit your pocket and can choose between a box for Toddlers or Pregnancy. Once a month you get a pretty box filled with samples of fab products and samples of different brands to test and use so that you save money in the long run by trying before you buy!

I got the pregnancy box to test and I can honestly say that they it was filled with all sorts of things! From a magazine to baby hat, massage oil, a bottle of Purity, organic bum cream and so many more things! The nice thing was that there were also some things in there for me like creams for my hands and stretch marks. It shows that Gemgem thinks of the mommies and not only the little ones. Another great feature is that they work with some of the well-known brands in the industry so you can be assured that they products that you get are of good quality and well worth it! Some boxes even get vouchers in! The products in the boxes change from month to month so you will always get something different!

The Gembox is also a great idea for gifts and with Christmas coming up, you can’t go wrong! You can order from their website!

We are having a competition with Gemgem so that one lucky winner can win a 3 month subscription to the Gembox! You will get it delivered right to your door!

To enter:  go over to their Facebook , like them and say Baby Bugs ‘n Berries sent you! You can also leave a comment below on the blog  and on our Baby Bugs ‘n Berries page if you already like both pages (leaving a comment is also a bonus point 😉 especially if on blog and Facebook!!) Refer a friend to both pages (tell ’em to say you sent them) and get an extra entry in to the giveaway! For a Bonus entry follow Gemgem on Twitter

Competition closes on 30 November 2012 and is only open to South African residents!

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Bella’s Owl Party for her 2nd birthday!








I am sorry that I have been a bit quiet but this past week was a bit of a crazy one! Bella turned two on the 17 November and had an owl party as the theme. The days leading up to it where a mix of decorating cupcakes, creating an owl cake with my bestie Michelle, making sure I had enough of everything and of course, trying to get some shut eye as well!

I have been making most of the things for the party at night as I work and it was the great relief that I only had the cakes to ice and cover and not stress too much about the little things! I will admit that the morning of the party we had a mad scurry to get everything up and decorated but it looked beautiful in the end!

Bella loved her party and I think that the kids and their families had a wonderful time! I had lots for them to do with a ball pond, serperate play dough and colouring in stations as well as all of Bella’s toys that she is familiar with, out in a box for the kids to play with. The toys were all new to them!

Everytime I saw Bella, she had a cupcake in her hand and was eating icing! Besides the icing from her 1st birthday, she never eats it as she has a milk allergy! All the cakes where made with soya milk but the icing was butter icing! Thank the Lord she didn’t have a bad reaction to it later in the evening!

Over the coming days I will post tutorials on how do the party packs, cupcake toppers etc that I made for the party and to save yourself quite a bit of money in the process! I must say that I am feeling a bit lost now as I don’t have to make decorations etc but at least it went well and the weather played along with us! Heehee now to start planning the next function!

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What you didn’t know about Potty Training








Since starting this whole potty training thing, I have discovered that there are a few things that people or books don’t tell you about potty training! Things that I have had to learn the hard way and so here they are so you know too!

Kids need to potty at 00:15 as well and you can sit there a while waiting for it to come.

They will need to go when you least expect it or just before you leave and you wait 20 minutes before a trickle comes out.

Let them help choose the seat or potty and this will help to keep them involved.

Gold stars and a reward system work wonders, let them put the stickers on so they feel more involved. You might wake up with a misplaced star in  your hair but that’s ok.

Being frustrated and having a irritated moment is normal but try not to do it in front of kiddie, they will then become scared of toilet and takes a while to get them used to it again.

Have an extra top or shirt in the car for yourself as accidents do happen and although you probably will have extra clothes for your little one, walking around with a big fat wet spot on your top isn’t cool.

When you get to any new place/shop/mall make sure you know the quickest way to get to the bathroom as most kids seems to let you know when you have like 2 minutes to get to the bathroom.

Accidents do happen and often its more embarrassing for them than you, don’t make a fuss or be negative towards them, imagine if the roles were reversed.

A kiddie with a runny tummy and underwear is completely different to that with a nappy on. It  is not contained like in a nappy and when you take the underwear off, be careful for spillage, especially if you only have one set of clothes with you. Your kiddie might be interested in seeing what is going on so watch where they walk if there is spillage.

Don’t praise them when they haven’t done anything on the loo as then they will ask you to take them just so that they can hear the praise song/sentence etc.

Good luck and lemme know how it goes!


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