Family, Measles and a car boot sale!








Well the race to find the rest of the family has been on and to be honest hubby has once again proven to me that I never want to be stalked by him as he will find out everything about you except for what you had for dinner! The man is really good at this and this is the second time that he has managed to find a family member via the net and how he does it only he will know. So the update on finding the family is that through this person that hubby found, we will now have the whole family history and apparently his family are descendants of a family that was part of the Italian Mafia at one stage! Godfather here we come!

Bella and her German Measles are driving me slightly batty and I must say that it is only at night as the poor thing coughs and coughs and I try to be as patient as I can at being woken up for the 8th time but mama got to work the next day while Madame can have a nap and so I get a little cranky with her and then feel bad. Shame not her fault she looks like a polka dot! 😉 Anyway the spots are starting to clear and soon she can go back to school and see all her friends again who she is missing.

On a more “Me” note, I am trying to do the things on my list so that I can try to have them all done before 30 and to be honest I have quite a few to go! We are going to take part in a car boot s sale on Saturday, something I have never done before and I am really looking forward to it! Going to make paper banners and make it all festive and country market like. This mama may even make fudge or some lekka treats to sell! Watch this space for pictures! Off to go and clean some more cupboards so that I can get some stock! Heehee!

Mushroom Tartlets recipe








I am currently on a diet and if you read my previous post you would know that when I am on a diet, the Mr gets all sorts of interesting foods to try! I had a Wild Mushroom Tartlets recipe that I found here but decided to change it a bit to suit my pocket. The result, everyone loved them and a request has been made to have them again!

Serves four:

Prep and frying time: 15 minutes

Baking time: 20 minutes at 180°C


1 packet of puff pastry

300g mushrooms

Half of one onion

1tps of garlic / 2 cloves of fresh garlic chopped up

50g of grated cheddar cheese (two handfuls) (optional) (you can use parmesan instead)

1 small handful of chives/parsley


1 egg

Flour for dusting

Beer mug/coffee cup



Grease a pan for the tartlets and set your oven to 180°C

Sprinkle the flour onto the surface you want to work on and roll the puff pastry out onto it. I used a beer mug and dusted the rim with flour and used this to cut out 6 circles from the pastry. Put these onto your pan and put it in the fridge to chill while you make the filling.

Cut up the mushrooms, onions and garlic if you are using fresh garlic

Add some oil to a frying pan and when it is nice and hot add the garlic, mushrooms and onions and cook until golden brown and there is no more liquid in the pan. Once they are done take the pan off the stove and add the parsley/chives and if you are using cheese, add the cheese here.

Take the circles out of the fridge and using a knife score a 1cm border onto the circle. Score means to take a knife and cut a circle into the dough but not going all the way to the bottom of the pastry. Where ever the cut is that dough will rise and the rest in the middle will not.

Put your mushroom filling into the middle of the circle, beat the egg and brush this onto the pastry.


mushroom tarlets


Put in the oven for 20 minutes or until golden brown and they are best served immediately but you can reheat them when you need them!

Note: when I made them I doubled the recipe so that there would be more!


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A review on Oral-B








My hubby used to be a farmer boy and as the story goes, he used to drink up to 5 litres of milk everyday all by himself! Well towards the end of my pregnancy, I was drinking milk like there was no tomorrow and I didn’t care if it was in the bottle, a cup or what it was in as long as it was going into my mouth and was there when  I needed it. Yip, you guessed it, I needed calcium.

I read in all the books about how you should look after your teeth when you are pregnant, drink lots of calcium and visit the doctor as pregnancy can affect your teeth and cause problems but like I thought “That won’t happen to me”. Well it did and my strong legged girl left me with a big fat calcium deficiency that has left me with some marks on my teeth that there is nothing that can be done for and so “It happened to me!”

I recently heard about this toothbrush from Oral B when I recieved some interesting information about it. It is called the Oral –B® Triumph 5000® with SmartGuide® which is an electric toothbrush and its features encourages you to brush longer, has less pressure on your gums and in one test that they did, it proved that the test subjects reported brushing more than the recommended 2 minutes a day and gave them that “Dentist Clean” feeling. This of course leads to  a cleaner mouth and I would say better kissing  ;p  I must say that I am interested in getting one as some mornings I am still half asleep and I start thinking about other things and when I notice again, I’ve stopped half-way and remembered about something and forgotten what I was doing.


ORAL-B 5000 TRIUMPH with smartguide resized


The information I received was also quite informative as I don’t know much about children’s toothbrushes and what to get for them that is cute, not going to cost an arm and a leg and work like it should without falling apart. Oral-B® has a whole range for the kids. I have also had mommies ask me about when to take their kids to the dentist and what to look out for when you go. Dr Hoosen, a leading dentist from Joburg says that one should do the following:

Pick a child-friendly dentist especially a paediatric dentist who will have additional training and interest in children’s dental issues as they can make the experience a lot easier.  Think about your attitude towards the dentist and remember that you can influence your child through body language. Respect those baby teeth don’t look after them and their tooth brushes! Establish a routine so that kids get into a habit of brushing twice a day, use a soft-bristle brush to protect gums and make sure that your little one is getting some form of fluoride! We use Pure Beginnings Berry Toothpaste and Bella loooves it as it tastes like marshmallows and help her to start wanting to brush her teeth! I have even used it on occasion when showing her and I think it’s lovely!

Now off to find a child-friendly dentist…….

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The search for family members!








This has been a really interesting week for me and to be honest, tomorrow isn’t going to be any quieter. Last night I found this really weird rash all over Bella and today it has been confirmed that she has German Measles! Yip, she is now one bit red polka dot! Luckily it isn’t itchy yet but I’m holding thumbs that it doesn’t as how do you get a toddler to not scratch?

The other interesting thing that has been happening is that we found out a few weeks ago that my hubby and Bella may be able to get Italian passports through Rick’s mom’s side of the family! But here comes the interesting part: all the legal identifying documents pertaining to Rick’s  family members, namely grandparents and great grandparents have been lost over the years! So were to start!? Luckily we got hold of Rick’s moms’ unabridged birth certificate but this didn’t have any I.D numbers of her parents so I had no idea as to what to do next. There was a really nice guy at the counter helping me  and gave me an idea to try and so after calling Rick’s mom to get her mother’s birthday date we finally got a number together to be able to look for the granny’s I.D number! Will you believe it that we found it! Now what about the rest?

Well Rick phoned the graveyard where his grandparents are buried (this we know) and they have some of the  grandparent’s details like who the undertaker was but no I.D numbers! So with the grandfather we are still at square one! With the great-grandparents we aren’t even on a square!  It’s been quite fun to rack our brains to find out this info or where to get it and to be honest, I always used to think that it would be so easy to find someone with the internet but  we have found that the South African records aren’t nearly as updated online as they are overseas! This mama is gonna have to rack her brains to be able to see what we can do! I did call the tourism offices where Granny was born  but they are still looking for me so will call them on Monday!

If you have any ideas, please do let me know!

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Sassy Water Recipe for weight loss








I am on the challenge to lose the Christmas weight that I put on from eating all those lovely puddings, cakes, cookies and of course from all the meat we ate from braaing all the time. I have this really strict diet that I used before to lose 10kg and so now this Mamma is back on the bandwagon to lose as much as I can before I turn 30 on the 3 Feb! So far so good and I have lost 1kg but so much more to go!

So naturally I have been looking for ways to increase my metabolism and detox and I came across Sassy Water on Pinterest and followed it A Sweet Simple Life  to get the recipe!

It helps to detox and with bloating so this mama made it and I can tell you it is delicious and refreshing and they recommend that you drink it for 4 days. After two days I can say that I do feel a bit of a difference.

sassy water recipe

Sassy Water Recipe:

Prep time: 5 minutes

Chill time: overnight or 9 hours


1 half of a cucumber

1 lemon

10 mint leaves

2 litres of water

Optional: you can add 1 teaspoon of fresh grated ginger (I’m not a fan) for extra benefit


Slice the cucumber and lemon into slices and put them into the jug that you are going to use and add the mint leaves. If you are going to add the ginger, add it now. Add the water and leave the water overnight to gain more flavour and drink the water the following day.

Note: the longer you leave the mint in the water the stronger the mint flavour becomes and this can be a bit too minty after a while so once you have let it stand overnight, take the mint leaves out.

Enjoy and let me know if it works for you?


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50 Shades of Grey books review








I started to read 50 Shades of Grey that everyone has been speaking about and to be honest, at first I thought that it was going to be one of those boring drawn out stories but once I started getting to the uhm “interesting parts”, it got a whole lot more entertaining. Needless to say that the I have finished all of the books.  So here is my 50 Shades of Grey books review

I have been thinking to myself if it is actually all the sex and descriptions that have got woman around the world buying this book in the thousands or the dear ladies at the old age homes requesting this book more than any other as some newspapers are saying. I have come to the conclusion that there is more to this. While this may be some of the attraction, its mainly the thrill that the characters are doing what many people fantasize about but would never do like having sex on a piano,  a boat or in an elevator. The book glosses over sex and there are going to be a few disappointed ladies out there that think that the first time they have sex it is going to be all fireworks and roses when most people’s first time is spent trying to figure out where what goes and how to actually do it.

The thing that seems to draw woman, from the ladies that I have spoken to that have read the book, is actually Mr Grey. Christian Grey. Here is a super rich man that has everything, sends flowers, loves sex, and doesn’t have to worry about the nitty gritty parts of life say like cooking or wondering how to pay the bills. He is a tortured soul and one finds oneself wanting to find out what he is about inside as this puppy is a real piece of work. He appeals to the female side of sending cute emails and texts and declares his love, in his own way, in so many ways that it has woman that don’t really get all that are sitting up and taking notice. His ideas of seduction I have heard are being used by many ladies on men and I have been told that the guys out there are loving this! My problem with this aspect is that all that doesn’t happen as often in real life and that there are going to be quite a few broken hearted women out there.   If he tried some of controlling side on me, like telling me what to eat, boy he would get his butt kicked out the door so fast he would not know how he landed and there are many other people out there that would also not accept it! But we do in the book because it’s in the book but some poor should in the real world may be in a controlling situation and may read the book and think that it is normal as she has no one to talk to or discuss it with.

Anyway, it think it’s a good series and I have my debates on who should be Christian Grey and the cast in the upcoming movies but we shall see! Laters, baby!


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Babies don’t always come easily!








There are some days where I feel like I could climb a wall with my bare nails while screaming like a banshee in one of those horror movies and this all because of a 2 year old that has decided to push all my buttons and see what reactions she can get out of me. There are also times, normally at 05:30 that I’m not in the best of moods to sit and play “baba sleep” games with Bella and would rather be curled up in bed sleeping. Its time like these that I have to take a deep breath and realise that she is still growing and learning. It’s also another time to remind myself how long it took for her to come into this world. Babies don’t always come easily!

Bella took nearly two years to make her appearance as a tiny blob in my uterus and this after my gynae at the time started talking to me about IVF and seeing one of his friends who could help me with the “problem”. I had Polycystic Cyst Syndrome or PCOS and this can often hinder fertility and send signals to the body that it is pregnant when it isn’t really so your body thinks its pregnant but isn’t.  Hubby and I decided to not go that route and to plan a nice backpacker’s holiday to Mozambique to cross the baby bridge when we got there at a later stage again. Well, I can tell you finding out about her was a shock and a half and we didn’t find out about her the way we expected, no “surprise” or way that I had always planned in my head.

I have recently been reminded just how lucky we have been with having Bella by seeing how people around us have been effected and how it influences them to not be falling pregnant. I remember the feeling of seeing all those girls around me get pregnant and the disappointment when I would see only one line on the pregnancy test when my period was slightly late. I know how it feels when people around you tell you to forget about it and it will happen but how (insert swearing) are you meant to forget about something that you clearly desperately want?  My hubby can honestly say that I started doing all sorts of arts and crafts in the bid to keep myself sane.

Now that we are thinking of having our second one, I wonder if getting pregnant will be the same as what we went through to get Bella. I have heard of some women becoming infertile after having their first child.  Only time will tell but if you are a mommy that is struggling to fall pregnant, hang in there, you are not alone in this and there are many support groups and mommies out there that feel like you too.

I cheated on my New Year’s Resolutions!








Oh little blog space how I have missed you! Having been on holiday in the a place with internet signal that makes an tortoise seem fast, I gave up writing so that I could save my sanity and not destroy the dongle from banging it against the wall.

Today is the 1 January 2013 and I can’t believe that we are in 2013 already! Happy New Years to you and your family! I hope it’s a fab one! Like everyone around me I too have made New Year’s Resolutions and while I eat my salt and vinegar chips and drink my vodka and coke, I can already draw a thin line, in pencil, in one of my resolutions which is to lose weight. Yes that’s right; I cheated on my New Year’s Resolutions. I’m actually just going to reschedule it to start on Monday so that it starts on a right note and not in the middle of the week. I don’t know about you but these holidays and Christmas time have added extra “baggage” for me to take into the New Year and how I wish now that I didn’t have that trifle or chocolate mousse.  Thing is that one doesn’t think of those things (I’m not a normal pudding eater) at the time and when other people cook you yummy food that you don’t normally make for yourself, it’s hard to say no!

The start of the New Year and the end of the holidays also means that I have to face up to realities and start sorting out my life so that by 5 Jan everything will be in place and arranged. Catching up on emails and sorting out posts and all the general nitty gritty parts of life. This is one of my New Year’s Resolutions and it won’t take that long to do but always good to have a deadline date so that it gets done! Someone actually asked me what I want to do this year and while I have quite a few ideas running through the grey matter in my head, I should eventually put them on paper so that I can add them to my goal chart on my wall and “do them”. I find that I actually do things if I am reminded about them visually so made a cool chart from one that I found on Pinterest.

I start work this week again and while I might not struggle so much as I have been up most mornings between 05:30-06:30 with Bella who doesn’t understand that Mommy wants to sleep late, I am definitely going to miss my hubby and spending time with Bella. Things will go back to routine and school etc and to be honest I am slightly sad about that as I would love to spend more time with Bella during the week during unroutine things. Big hug to all the other moms and dads out there that are going back to work, I feel your pain!

Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions?  Feel free to let me know!

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Have a great Festive Season








I would just like to take a minute and say that I hope that all you out there have a wonderful Festive Season. May it be one that is filled with sunshine, happiness and best of all, your loved ones. I know that there are many of you this year who are having financial problems and that you are worried about the presents and the lavish and crazy foods that we think we should be eating on Christmas Day but if you can’t do that, don’t stress, make do with what you can and make the whole experience more memorable! After all, the day isn’t about food but spending time with people that you care about!

Look after yourselves on the road and where ever your path may take you. Look out for idiots on the road and look after your precious kids!

Much love

Baby Bugs ‘n Berries



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4 year old bully!








Mom and I went to a Christmas carols by candlelight event and it was really wonderful having a picnic in the garden and listening to a rock version of the carols and choir sing. Bella was really well behaved and would walk off to talk to people and then come back to me and then go again. She wasn’t running around like a hooligan or being disruptive and all the people around us kept commenting on how cute she was and well behaved. She clapped while the music played and “conducted” when the choir sang. Then mommy got really pissed off.

Bella went to an open patch of grass just past us to go and talk to two little girls of about 4 and 6. There were people sitting between us and the kids so I couldn’t see her clearly all the time. The 6 year old started telling her to go away and to shoo and when I didn’t see her for about 1 minute I got up to go and investigate! Lord have mercy it was the closest I have ever come to hitting another person’s child! The bloody 4 year old bully was lying on top of Bella and had her pinned to the ground so that she couldn’t move. Bella was struggling to get her off and as I ran walked towards them, the 4 year old was shoving her head into the ground. My kid was screaming her little lungs out and I could see she was terrified. Where I got the calmness from I don’t know but I pulled the 4 year old off her and told her to get off her immediately in a very cross and stern voice. I had a split second thought of giving her a bloody hiding but then I remember that she isn’t my kid. I picked Bella up and held her to calm her down while I walked away. The terrorist child’s mother then came and from what I could see people told her what happened and it looked like she gave her kid a talking to. Worst is that I actually recognised the mom. Do you think she came to find out how Bella was? Nope and they were sitting right behind us. When the 4 year old and mom came to sit down, Bella pointed at the little girl and said “Mommy, there’s the girl that hurt me!”  I had to really restrain myself from getting up and saying something! What kind of child does that to other children and at such a young age?? Where did she see this, on TV or at home? It made me wonder what else this kid gets up to. Well I didn’t have long to wait as she started causing nonsense at different locations and the nanny had to go and fetch her kicking and screaming every time.

Bella keeps telling me that a girl sat on her back and pushed her down and I think that this incident has affected her a little bit. What did mommy learn out of this:  you don’t only have to watch your kid but other kids to just in case they turn out to be terrorists  naughty children as well!

Fairy wand tutorial

Fairy Wand Tutorial

Fairy wands are easy to make and here is my Fairy Wand Tutorial. I have been making these wands for a friend’s daughter who turns 7 tomorrow and is having a fairy themed party! They are really cheap and easy to do and make any little girl smile!

What you need for the Fairy Wand Tutorial:

Dowel sticks (long thin sticks that you can get at a hardware store and are used to mix paint with)

Coloured ribbon

White/colour that you want your sticks paint (any kind will do but I used white craft acrylic paint)

Coloured cardboard in the colour that you want the wand to be

Glitter in the colour that you want the wand to be


Craft glue

Clothing pens

Small paint brush

Newspaper or old paper

Strong adhesive glue (optional)

Fairy Wand Tutorial
Fairy Wand Tutorial


Fairy Wand Tutorial:

When you buy the dowel sticks from the hardware store, save yourself some time and ask them to cut them for you. You don’t want them to be too thin so take one that is reasonably easy to hold and imagine a child holding them. They are around R2.50 a stick and you can get about 3 out of one stick. If you don’t have time for them to cut it and you are going to do it at home, use a serrated knife as it is easier and makes a cleaner line than a non-serrated knife.

Paint the sticks and leave them to dry. I did two coats per stick

Either trace or print the stars onto the coloured cardboard and cut them out using the scissors. If you are going to make a double sided wand, you will need two spars per wand. Take the craft glue and trace the sides of the paper that will be on the inside of the star. Put out the newspaper or old paper where you are going to work so that you can catch any glitter that falls.

With the next two steps, do one star at a time so that the star looks brilliant. Use a metal spoon to smooth the glue over the whole of the star so that there are no open spaces. If there are spaces open, that is where there will be no glitter. Keep checking that the glue doesn’t dry on the spoon as it will affect how the glue spreads. If it dries too quickly, swop it for another spoon.

Hold the card at a slant and sprinkle the glitter over the glue covered star and make sure that all of the paper is covered. Tap any excess glitter into a bowl or container if needed. Put them down on a flat surface so that they can dry properly. If you find that they lift slightly at the edges then put a heavy book on them and leave them for about 20 minutes to dry.

By this time your dowel sticks should  be dry so cut the ribbon to the length that you would like it, leaving a little bit extra for the knot that you need to tie. Tie a double knot around the stick and then stick it onto the star using the sticky tape.

Once your stars have dried take your craft glue and trace the inside of the star where there is no glitter and glue the two stars together. I found that Bostik Gel Adhesive worked really quickly and well doing this part.  Squirt some glue between the join where the ribbon and the paper meet and use a washing peg to hold it in place. Leave to dry

If there is any paper that didn’t match up when you where gluing it, don’t worry, just trim it when you are finished!

And enjoy!


4aKid giveaway and review








So I will admit that I am a sucker for cute things! Cute packaging, cute colours, cute everything that makes me smile! So you can only imagine how I jumped up and down like someone who just won the lottery when I opened a parcel and got this fantastic Tutu Dress and Tutu Top to review from 4aKid! My boss thought I was nuts as I kept asking when it was 5pm so that I could go home and get her into it!

The Tutu Dress is made up of soft satin material and tulle at the ends that makes one think of those ballroom and Cinderella dresses that swish when you twirl. The many layers of fabric make the dress puff out and was actually pretty easy to get into as it is like a normal skirt. The clever thing is that inside there is elastic, that holds the dress up, that can expand and so the dress can be used from ages 2-4! This mama is smiling! The top is made like a spaghetti strap top and the front is covered with tulle so that is matches the ends of the skirt. It is also made from stretchy material so you don’t have to try to squeeze your kiddie in like some of those pretty tops and dresses that you get.

The best part about both the top and the skirt is that you get them in so many different colours ranging from pink to purple to red! You can even get the top in a crochet style! 4aKid has also launched a fairy range of dresses and I think every little girl would look lovely in it so have a look here at the different kinds that they have! Bella loved the clothes and to get her out of it again was a big mission as she said she wanted to sleep in them and it took a while to convince her that she could wear them another day (she said to school tomorrow but I said no!).

4aKid not only does dresses but a wide variety of things ranging from safety gadgets, pregnancy aids, interactive and educational toys, I.D bangles to a Teeny Genie Brush which helps detangle knots from hair (Santa please take note of the last one). Best of all, they are currently having running special promotions and you can save some money on some of the goods! Now who doesn’t like a bargain?


Huggalugs Legruffles


4aKid and I having a giveaway! One lucky winner will win a pair of Huggalugs Legruffles valued at R140 that can be used for babies and kids! They are perfect for potty training to use instead of pants and you can use them for an alternative to a jersey on their arms! To enter Like 4aKid  and Baby Bugs ‘n Berries and tell them that Baby Bugs ‘n Berries  sent you and vice versa. Refer someone to both pages and they must say the page name and your name and get an extra entry! Comment on Blog post  and get an extra entry too! Competition ends on 18 December 2012 and is open worldwide 😉



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