Do you remember the words?








I can tell you just about every word to the song “If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it” by Beyonce but ask me the words to Old Mother Hubbart and the chorus will go “umm ooh , la la la”! I am discovering that as a Mom, I am supposed to know the words to these nursery rhymes, especially when Bella comes home and sings them!

I think that as we get older we tend to forget the little things that made us tick as kids. Well not everything; I still love to dance in the rain and lick the batter off the bowl when I have baked a cake! You will also have to fight me for space on a jumping castle and when it comes to candy floss, beware, I have an international license to eat it all! I still love to climb trees but I do think twice before taking any old tree on as I’m not the weight I was as a little girl! I used to love nothing more than to take a book and climb high into a tree and read there for hours on end.

Bouncing around with Bella!

When Bella, Rick and I are out and about, I have often noticed the children that walk in a row in a shop or have their hands behind their backs when looking at something as their mom said “don’t touch”. I couldn’t help myself once and although the mom gave me the Evil Eye, the smile on the little girls face outshone it! She was looking at a beautiful little fairy with the most amazing wings and I could see her pulling on her fingers as they were clasped behind her back. I went over to her and picked it up and we looked at it “together”. Who needed a MasterCard right then?

Bella “driving” her car!

The point I am trying to make is when did we forget what it feels like to be children? When we didn’t care what people thought of us and so what if there was strawberry jam in our hair!  When baking was mud pies and make up was the stuff that you would “decorate” your friends faces with. How does one get back to that point? Simple I would say. Do something once a day that you used to do as a child or better yet, do it with your child! Go and remember the words to the songs! Who knows the stress from the Rat Race or your day might just dissolve with the laughter that you will be surrounded by! Hmm…. my act for the day; to raid the treat cupboard while my hubby isn’t looking!

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Where have all the elves gone?








The brothers Grimm wrote a fantastic story about a shoemaker that would cut out the leather for the shoes to be made the next day and he would wake up the next day, there would be beautiful shoes already made on his counter. He eventually found that it was little elves that would make the shoes for him?

Where have these elves gone? Seriously, I think they have become an endangered species!!! . I remember as a kid waking up and finding new shoes and I would be all amazed and wear them everywhere! Now that I am older I realise that it was my parents that bought the shoes! Now that I Buy Bella’s shoes I suppose that I am now an elf!


How cute are these!

I would like an instruction manual from these little elves on how to get her to wear the shoes! Some of them are so cute but not a chance of her putting them on! Then again I am known for being barefoot most of the time so maybe this rubbed off on her! We recently took her to Ackermans and for the first time ever, she pointed at shoes she like, let us put them on her and she ran around the shop showing people her “new” shoes! After picking our jaws up from the ground, we bought the shoes for her and she wore them for the rest of the day! Fast forward to 3 days later when I wanted to put them on again, not a chance! Nothing had changed, the shoes where still exactly the same shoes! Bella also has quite big feet, at 16 months she is a size 4 ½ which she gets from her daddy! Um ok maybe from me too as I am a size 7.

Bella’s new shoes

This is another area that I would like to discuss with those little elves. I’m not one for shoes and my hubby has to drag me to buy shoes and try to persuade me to buy them as I try to persuade Bella to put hers on. It’s not that I don’t like shoes; I am just not prepared to spend hundreds of Rands on a pair of shoes when I can buy so many other things for the same price. But if I find a pair I like, then it is normally love at first sight and if I don’t buy them, they will plague me forever! Like the pair of blue satin high heels that my friend Nicolene wore for her wedding. Or those crimson red stilettos that have just made their way into Luella.  Had it not been for Bella, I would have bought them on the spot but I find that running after her or following her around in shops in stilettos does tend to increase ones heart rate and decrease your medical aid savings. The problem that I find and is why I want to talk to the elves, is that if I find a pair of shoes I like, it is normally in smaller sizes and the bigger sizes are all gone. Are those little elves anti-big foot people? We are people too you know! I say this with a big smile on my face as I can see a campaign starting; “bring back our shoes Elves”! I wonder if Patricia de Lille will be interested in my cause?

Stunning shoes!

I suppose I should just keep looking, I will find the bigger shoes eventually and instead of looking for the little elves, I will read Bella the story and introduce her to the fairy tale. Maybe this will encourage her to wear them or maybe I should just start wearing more shoes! Hmmm those red pumps at Woolworths are speaking elf, maybe I should go and introduce myself!



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Getting a child Passport!









What do you need?

To get a passport for a child, you need to have the following:

  • Two colour passport photos (they want a photo with the child not smiling but do accept with smiles)
  • Mother’s I.D
  • Father’s I.D
  • Birth Certificate of child
  • Application form which you get at the Department of Home Affairs
  • A black pen
  • Mother, Father and child must be there in person when applying for the passport

The two most important things, besides the above are the following:

  1. Go early in the morning
  2. Take toys

If one of you can’t  make it to the Department of Home Affairs, whom ever can’t make it will have to write a letter stating their name, I.D number, and saying that they give xyz permission to get a passport for their child on their behalf and state why they could not make it. Both the letter and a copy of their I.D has to be certified by the SAPS and handed in by the person doing the application. The forms for the application you can get at the Department of Home Affairs and they do not allow you to leave with the forms. I have seen that you can get it off their website but it does not look the same as the form that you get at there.

How much does it cost?

At present, the prices are as follows but please note that they are subject to change:

Re-issue of abridged birth certificate                               R20

Unabridged birth certificate                                               R75

Child Passport                                                                       R400

What is the difference between an Unabridged birth certificate and an Abridged birth certificate?

An Abridged birth certificate that you get when your child is born and this contains only the mothers name and ID numbers and does not mention the father. An Unabridged birth certificate is contains details of both the mother and father and their I.D Details. The main reason to have the Unabridged birth certificate is that for many foreign countries, it is a visa requirement if you plan to travel overseas. They want to see who the parents are and also it is to protect the child should there be any custody battles. For example, if you want to take your child overseas without the other parent, you have to get a certified letter and copy of their I.D/passport from the other parent that they give permission for you to take the child out of the country. The Unabridged birth certificate can take 6 to 8 weeks to do so it is best to get it as soon as possible, even if you don’t have plans to travel as you never know when a good special will come about!

Get one, you never know when you are going to need it!

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Finding More time for working moms

Ways to have more time as a working mom?

As a working mom there are so many that have to be juggled. Here is some tips on how to keep them all in the air and find some time for…..cappucinos and relaxing!

Household chores

Instead of spending a whole day, which tends to be our day off or on weekends, clean a bit of your house or flat everyday so that by the time the weekend comes, your house is clean

Plan, shop and buy for meals for the whole week and take one afternoon or evening, I usually find Sundays easier, and cook meals for each night of the week. Put them into containers, label the containers and put them in the freezer. Then instead of spending time trying to cook with your little one vying for your attention, all you will have to do is pop it into the microwave or oven and you can spend more time with your child and partner instead.

Rope your partner in to share the responsibility of the household. Most modern men are pretty good with this but sometimes don’t realise just exactly how much pressure is on us moms. Make up a chore list, stick it on the fridge and alternate as needed. This will help to share the load. If your partner is one of those people that don’t believe in helping, contact me and I can give you some good tips on getting them to help. If I had to put them here it would give the game away would it not?

Pre-school, crèche and day care

Packing your childs bags for school the night before will save you a lot of time in the morning. Put the bag at the door, in the car or somewhere that you will remember to look. If you want to pack snacks that have been in the fridge, pop them in the bag in the morning. This will give you some more time to do something else. If you have bottles to wash, wash most of them the night before as well and then you only have one to wash in the morning!

Put a list of your childs activities on your fridge or scan and email them to yourself . You can then load them into your calendar on your phone or computer with a reminder and this will help to combat baking cookies at 01:00 because you forgot about the bake sale the following day!

Animal Crackers!

Getting ready for work

Some kids can be quite understanding about their moms getting ready for work, others not so. Put some toys in a box or fill containers with things that your child can fiddle with while you get ready. Talk to them while you dress and this will show that them that they still have your attention and might give you a few free minutes to do your make-up and things that you need to do.

In the car

Always have an “emergency work supply” kit in the car. Mine contains a mascaras, hairbrush, eyeshadow,  foundation, wet wipes, nappies, bum cream and an extra pair of shoes that can match with all my clothes. I have these for those days when I am in a rush and forget to put mascara on or get distracted and forget to brush my hair. It is also handy to have spare baby/toddler things in the car as if you are going elsewhere after picking your child up, you don’t always know what is left from the day at school. It can cause some interesting moments when you think there are nappies left, your little one makes a no.2 and you realise in the changing room that there are no nappies left! Been there and done that and I can assure you it can change your plans quite a bit! Be prepared is what I say! I recently also saw the importance of this when a fellow mom at creche, had her little one puke all over her…she had 20 minutes to get him to his Gran’s house, get changed and had a meeting in 20 minutes……..

All in all look for those little things to make your day that little bit sweeter and less dramatic! Good Luck Mommy

Survival Mode…


Survival mode. What a concept. With the recession, it seems like everyone wants what someone else has. With a kid, it seems like you have more to look out for!

Before kids you would get out the car, lock and go. Now you have to   take little ones out of car seats, get the pram ready and pack the baby bag into the pram or over your arm, get your little one out while keeping an eye on your bag and keys in case someone else decides that they are pretty! This morning while dropping off Bella, two “interesting characters” walked past and before I even got out the car, I locked it again and made as if I was looking for something!  While getting Bella’s things together, another gangster looking chap walked past and Bella waved and smiled at him! Talk about not drawing attention to oneself!!! Insert mom with that rabbit caught in the headlight smile! Shit!

As you might have gathered, I am quite safety conscious and I like to know what is happening around me. I have therefore swapped my pretty black handbag, with all the pretty trimmings, and gotten myself a pretty satchel bag. It’s small but can hold all the important things I need so I don’t have to carry Bella, the baby bag and my massive bag and try to use my other hand to do things. I just pop my hand in and out comes what I need. It has also helped to combat the thought that someone can steal my bag while I’m not looking. To go and replace all my cards, drivers and I.D is something I don’t have time for! It is also so much easier to find things than in my old Mary Poppins bag and it keeps Bella busy with the zips and pouches if need be! There is also a nice little pouch inside with a zip to put headache tablets and things for Big People.

You also realise with kids that there are so many more dangers out there. I have caught a guy staring at Bella a little too long for my liking and when I looked him in the eye and glared at him, he went blood red and walked off very quickly. We also have to watch for snatching and stealing little ones. The person that tries that better realise that I will hurt him (putting it mildly) and then I will call my hubby and he better pray that he doesn’t come! But the reality is that it does happen and kids do run off in shops and get hurt. A friend of my moms, her 13 year old son was taken from the side of the road and still screams in terror daily due to the fact that they cut out his tongue and threw him out of the car and he has many broken bones.

So what is the morale of the story? Be vigilant, look around you at what is happening and don’t be a target or another victim! Know your emergency numbers make contacts on your phone with the word ICE next to it (in case of emergencies) so if something happens to you, paramedics know who to call. Be safe and look after yourself and your Little Miss and Little Mr. We are there guardians after all!

Make-up, Cream and all things girly!

Look at me Mum…………

Make up. I find that there is a before and after mom makeup routine! Before Bella I never used to take long putting my make-up on but I had time to do eyeliner and fuss a little. Now I have spare mascara in the car as sometimes I get to work and realise that I forgot to put it on! There have also been many times when I just don’t have time to put it on at home and end up putting it on in the car! Last week I walked past a lady in her car putting her make up on while parked and she looked up at me with one eye done and the other looking quite bare! I smiled at her and laughed when I saw the car seat in the back! She glared at me and when I said “That’s the best place to put it on, I’m a mom too!” she started smiling and laughing and it made both our mornings! We were not alone in this!

Make up has also made me realise how Bella watches me without me knowing! One morning I left my eye shadow compact on my pedestal   and left the room to go and do something. When I came back, there was Little Miss with my eye shadow compact pulling it open! I tried to take it away but oh no! She wanted to be like me so I figured let her try and see what she does! She took her index finger and rubbed it on the different colours and tried to “put” it on her eyes. Needless to say it she did get some on her eyelid..and her cheek….and her nose…and her hair and some ended up on her clothes as well! I had to draw the line when she made a beeline for my mascara!! Funnily enough this morning while she was playing my jewellery box, she came across my old mascara that I have there in case I can’t find my other one. I turned around to get something and when I turned back she had unscrewed it and had rubbed it along her cheek!!!! I foresaw black everywhere and took it away from her nicely!  She carried on with the rest of my jewellery instead but I now know to hide all mascaras (in a place I will remember where I hid them!!!).  Little Miss also loves to stick her fingers in my lip gloss and to be honest, while sitting in a queue for a bank; this has entertained her for quite some time! It’s one of those “treasures” that have escaped out of my bag when I don’t have toys with to keep her busy!

Watching Mom!









Cream is now another one of her favourites and I don’t put that on every day! She likes to try to open the bottle or tube, rub some on her hands and then get it EVERYWHERE! I mean on her clothes, her face, her legs, her hands and one of her favourites, rubbing it in her hair!!! Cream has been a little thing to keep her busy if I have to get dressed etc. but when she puts it in her hair and she looks like a grease ball, I often wonder what the other moms at crèche think of me! I do wash her hair, honest!

This makes me realise that everything that I do, she is watching and although it doesn’t seem like it, her baby blues are seeing and paying attention! This morning I saw her aim for my nail polish………

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