Sweet Temptations review and competition








I must admit, I am a sucker for vintage and cute packaging and when I recently went to a craft market and saw these pretty toffees from Sweet Temptations, I had to try one. It was one of the best things I have ever done and I have encouraged my friends to try them too!


Now, you might be thinking that toffees are normally hard and that you don’t want to hurt your teeth but these toffees are anything but hard. They melt in your mouth like butter but aren’t too sweet that after having one, you feel oversweet. One is never enough and there are so many different toffee flavours that you can select from different collections that you might have a tough time choosing! Their range includes the Indulgent Collection , Nut Collection  , Spice Collection , Berry Collection ,  as well as the range that they have with Diemersfontein Wines called the Diemersfontein Toffees  which are inspired by the wines and with flavours like Chocolate Wine Toffees, need I say more? My favourites are the Chilli Toffees and the Cranberry and Cashew Toffees. The Chilli has a hint of heat but not so that you have to run and get a glass of milk after drinking it! Click on this link  to take you to the listing of where to buy these fabulous morsels.

Sweet Temptations Toffees are also showing off their flair and so far this year alone have won 5 awards with the DSTV Food Network, Eat In Award Best Small Producer Confectionery 2012 Award being an example that this company is not to be taken lightly! Have a look and their very tempting website.

We have a great prize this month to win a basket of delicious toffees from Sweet Temptations. All that you need to do to enter is to share this post and Like Baby Bugs ‘n Berries and Sweet Temptation Toffees  and the winner will be chosen through a lucky draw. The competition closes on the 30 July 2012 and is only open to South African Residents!

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Fussy Eater?








I have recently come to t the conclusion that a Fussy Eater can also have another name: Sporadic Guzzler! Bella has always been a fussy eater but we have never struggled with her eating her porridge. To be honest I was at my wits end and started to Google to find ways to get her to eat more. Some of the tips worked and some of them didn’t but the ones that did and those that I figured out, I stuck to. The main tip that I found to work is not to make a fuss when she eats but to let her do it in her own way. This has led to large amounts of mess and clothes changes but at least she has been eating more. This makes it very strange when she becomes a Sporadic Guzzler and wants to eat everything in sight from pasta to bread to avo to cashew nuts. I have learnt to just keep asking her if she wants things and giving it to her. I think it has to do with her allergies, when they are in check then she wants to eat more but when they aren’t then she doesn’t feel too great and starts to eat less again. Some days I will make her the most amazing food and she will look at it and take a bite and then want nothing more to do with it. We try to keep the foods that she does love and eat easily in the house for when she is being really difficult. We have also discovered that she loves spicy and flavoured food and doesn’t like bland or too sugary foods.

So here are some of the tips that I have found to be working:

  • To get her to eat vegetables, I cook frozen mixed veg (you could use fresh ones too) and then fry some mince with mixed herbs and a pinch of salt. I then mix the two and blend it in a blender so that it is a bit coarse but that she can’t see the veggies and tell her its “vleisie” and she eats it all.
  • I get her involved in the cooking or give her a pot that has some macaroni in it, a spoon and some plastic bottles of spices and let her “cook”
  • If she asks for a certain food like hot chips, I will make them for her to show that she can also have a choice in what she eats.
  • We try to eat earlier so that she eats with us at the table as I have found that she doesn’t like to eat alone. It does make my food get a bit colder when I have to help her but I encourage her to use a fork or spoon to eat as much as she can alone.
  • I make extra of her favourite meals and then freeze them so if I am running a bit late, that I can heat it up and she doesn’t have to wait
  • I always have mealies and tuna on hand so that if she asks for it or is being really difficult, she will eat them.
  • When I pick her up from school, I play a game with her and ask if she wants different foods i.e. steak, burger, veggies and she will answer yes or no to some things but then I get an idea of what she feels like! Doesn’t mean that she is going to get what she wants but it keeps us entertained for a while.
  • If I make food for us, I will take some of the protein i.e. chicken out before adding the sauces or curry so that if she doesn’t like the food, she has it plain. She has surprised us by eating medium curry and seems to like it!
  • When we get home, I try to give her as many healthy snacks as I can because I have noticed that her sugar levels drop from the last time that she has had snacks at school and this can make her cranky, not in the mood for food and only want her bottle.
  • We are not pudding eaters in our family but I will give her some cookies or Flings now and then that she can have if she has been very good. She doesn’t eat sweets or chocolates so this is her treat! If she has been very good she can have some cake!
  • On weekends I try to stick to the times that she eats at school and have noticed a large change in her moods and if I don’t stick to them, she can get quite cranky!
  • If she is being very difficult, I will put some food in a bowl and tell her to go and give it to her Daddy. I often catch her around the corner munching “his” food!

If you have a fussy eater, try the above tips but mainly find something that suits your child. What works for mine doesn’t mean that it will work for yours as they have different personalities! Good luck and if you have some tips for me, please let me know! J

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A Minnie Mouse tutorial – how to make a Minnie Mouse container








This Minnie Mouse tutorial can be used for any container that you would like to decorate. It is very easy to do and very cost effective for gifts, household things as well as cupcake toppers.

You will need:

  • Minnie Mouse image found here
  • Container that you would like to decorate
  • Coloured paper/stock card of your choice according to the amount of containers you wish to decorate (I used 1 piece of pink paper)
  • Coloured ribbon ( I used polka dots to go with Minnie Mouse’s hair bow and used 1.5m of ribbon for the 3 containers)
  • pencil
  • Craft glue that when dry is transparent
  • Normal glue
  • Fine glitter
  • A piece of paper for when using the glitter
  • Scissors
  • Pretty bead (use with caution if for smaller children)
  • Clothing line peg

How to do it:

  1. Colour print the Minnie Mouse images. There are 5 on the page and I only needed three so I used www.pixlr.com so crop the images and use what I needed. If like me you don’t have a colour printer, email or put the images onto a flash drive and take it to an internet café or printing shop. It does increase your costs slightly but will look better than in black and white.
  2. Cut out the Minnie Mouse images
  3. Trace the top of your containers lid onto the coloured paper with a pencil
  4. Cut out the shape that you traced and use the normal glue to glue the Mini Mouse images onto the coloured paper, leaving a slight border between the two.
  5. Put the picture onto another piece of paper so that it is easier to catch the glitter when you use it.
  6. Using your craft glue, make slight dots in the places that you would like to put the glitter on the Minnie Mouse picture. I put dots on the circle around Minnie Mouse as well as on her bow.
  7. Sprinkle the glitter over the glue and wait for about 30 seconds for it to dry before shaking the excess glitter off. You can then use the paper to put the excess glitter back into its bottle.



8. Using the craft glue again, make dots on the container lid where you would like the  Minnie  Mouse circle to be and stick the circle onto it. Leave it to dry thoroughly. You can use the back of the pencil to lightly smooth any bubbles that may be created by the glue.

9. Take the ribbon and tie it quite tightly around the container so that it does not fall off and make a bow at the end.

10. This step is not necessary but does give it a nice sparkle. Please take the child’s age into consideration and do not use any beads that are easy to swallow. Using the craft glue put a glue dot on the centre of the bow and place your bead onto the glue dot. Use the peg to help fasten it to the ribbon. Wait until it is dry before removing the peg

I put play dough into it for a gift but you can use it to put anything in. You can also use the above steps with a different character besides Minnie Mouse.

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Review on the versatile Totseat!








Have you ever been to a restaurant and requested a high chair for our child and when it has been brought to you, you can still see what the previous 5 children that used it ate? Or it is so grubby that you won’t put a dog on it never mind your child? Well with this following product, those days are gone.


The Totseat is a versatile chair for little ones made from durable cloth and can attach to just about any chair. It’s easy to fold so it doesn’t take a lot of space to transport it, can fit on most chairs and best of all, is a breeze to clean. There are easy to use instructions so you don’t have to spend hours assembling it or trying to figure out where parts go and when you are done, it folds up small enough to fit into a draw so that you can take it out at meal times and it doesn’t stand in the way. Another wonderful feature is that it comes in different colours and patterns so you can match it to your home décor and choose which ever colour you like and not have to worry about it standing out like a sore thumb! Your little one is also not restricted with movement and you don’t have to worry about them falling or slipping out like in conventional high chairs!


The Totseat has even won some fantastic awards like a Gold Star for Booster/ Travel Highchair from the Practical Parenting and Pregnancy 2011/2012 awards! That isn’t an easy feat! If you are a Grandparent or friend of a friend that has children, they are also wonderful gifts to give and with all the awards they have won like the 2009 Gift of the Year Award from the Gift Association, you will really be helping Mom and Dad by giving them this Totseat!

For more inspiration, have a look at their website www.totseat.co.za and look at all the amazing testimonials from other parents that have used it. Some shops even have demos in them so you can have a look at them as well!

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Review on React2Pets and SoPure products!








Before having Bella I had heard of children having allergies but never thought that it would happen to me! Boy was I wrong! We recently found out that she is allergic to small dogs and cats and as luck would have it, we have two of the dogs and one cat!  This helped to explain all the nights when I had 3 to four hours sleep, sitting up with a little one that would wake up coughing, snotty noses and who seemed to be often sick. This had been going on for a year and while Bella can sleep at school during the day, her mum hasn’t been so lucky.

Queue my new best friend in a bottle React2Pets.  I came across the product and as I had been using their MiteFree Allergen Spray in Bella’s room to help combat her allergy to dust, I thought that I might as well try it and see what happens. The bottle comes in a selection of two colours, green or purple and the packaging is really eye catching. I did the easy to follow instructions and sprayed our entire house with it. They recommend that you stay away from the sprayed area for at least 30 minutes so off we went for some fun. The next morning when Bella called for me I went to her room, half asleep and checked the time as per usual so that I could gauge how much sleep I could still try to wrangle. It was 06:30! Bella had slept through for the first time in a year! The poor child got soooo many kisses and hugs that she must have thought I was nuts! She has since slept through for the past 7 days! I have sprayed the house again as it is recommended to do it once a week but the difference is amazing! I wish that I had found this stuff a long time ago! Allergex would wake her up at night with cramps but since using the React2 Pets, she has not had it once in the past 7 days! Best of all, I am getting in some much needed rest!

Do yourself a favour, if you know of anyone that has allergies to pets, get this product for them now and see the difference that it makes to their lives! They also have a wonderful range called SoPure which consists of disinfectants that are not harmful to you or your family and come in easy to use spray bottles. All the bottles seem to have a safety feature on the front that you can lock the spray so if little hands get hold of the bottle, they cannot use it.

For more information on the React2 Pets, MiteFree Allergen Spray  and the SoPure range, have a look at their websites:



You owe it to yourself!

Review on The ecoBaby Company








What is cute, easy to use and navigate as well has wonderful freebies? Well it’s The ecoBaby Company website of course!

The ecoBaby Company is a company that cares about not only you as a family, but for the environment as well with all their products being environmentally sustainable. On their website you can find everything from accessories for Mum to Toys for kids, baby bags and eco-friendly nappies and their prices are very reasonable! They also have advice on how to use the new and modern version of the cloth nappies as well as testimonials from past clients who have only had wonderful service from them! They also have Freebies which in today’s day and age, is a wonderful thing! Another fabulous thing about the website is their free online magazine with tips for parents and ideas on health as well as things to make for you or your family.

Now, if like me, you don’t have a lot of time, shopping on this website is easy! The products are found in categories under the headings of:  For Mum, For Baby and For Kids with a drop down menu so that you can choose which section you are looking for i.e. Accessories. They also have a Specials section where you will find products on sale! Creating an account takes 5 minutes and then you are all set to go! They even give you the option of choosing a delivery style and all purchases over R1500 gets free delivery in South Africa! Paying is also easy with credit card or via PayPal!

We are having a GIVEAWAY for R100 gift voucher from The ecoBaby Company and all you need to do to be entered into the draw, is to Like their Facbook page and ours by the 25 July to stand a chance to win!

So what are you waiting for? Have a look at their website www.ecobabyco.co.za and subscribe to their email so that you can be up to date with what they have! With The ecoBaby Company, you can’t go wrong!

Breakfast Pizza Recipe








My hubby gets breakfast in bed every Sunday and I am always trying to find new things to make him. Well for Father’s Day he got one of his favourite foods with a little twist: a Breakfast Pizza.

I Googled to get a good recipe but they all seemed so complex that in the end I just went with my gut feeling and this is what came out:

Breakfast Pizza


4 pizza basses (I bought them readymade but you can make them yourself)

1 packet of bacon (diced is easier)

5ml cooking or olive oil

1 avocado

1 packet of salami

4 eggs

1 punnet of mushrooms

Half a teaspoon of mixed herbs per pizza base

Pinch of salt per pizza base

Grated Cheddar/Mozzarella cheese

(You can actually add whatever toppings you like but try to keep it to the breakfast theme)


  • Set the oven to the temperature as recommended on the pre-bought pizza bases. If you make your own, the recipe that you use should specify this.
  • Add the oil to a pan and when it’s warmed up, fry the bacon until it is done and then remove it from the stove.
  • Slice the mushrooms, salami and avocado into the sizes that you would like but try not to make them to big as or the eater will struggle when eating it.
  • Grate the  cheese
  • Pack out the pizza bases and add all your toppings, salt and herbs but not the egg and the cheese.
  • Once all your toppings are on and the oven is at the right temperate, crack the egg over the middle of the pizza. Put the pizza into the oven and let it cook until the egg looks done.


The egg on the pizza


  • Take the pizza out of the oven and then put on the cheese and put it back into the oven until the cheese has melted
  • Slice the pizza into slices and serve warm

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It’s a Giveaway with Auds and Ends Creations

Can you say Vintage?

Everyone has different taste but one thing that always seems to come back is Vintage. Recently I heard of this fantastic lady called Audrey who owns and runs Auds & Ends Creations. The cutest hats, head bands and clips are but a few to mention and the character ones like Hello Kitty, owls, frogs and strawberry hats will have  your little one stand out in a crowd! Items are made according to your taste and specifications. But wait, there is more! Not only does she cater for the little ones, but she also makes wedding broaches, necklaces, earrings, headbands, bolero’s, shoes and tiara’s! Have a look at her website www.audsandendscreations.weebly.com

Best of all to celebrate their 1 year birthday on 30 June 2012, we have a give away for a Dino-Baby-Beanie as shown in the featured picture!  How can you get it? Follow these easy steps:

  1. “Like” the Auds & Ends Creations Facebook page
  2. Subscribe to Baby Bugs ‘n Berries and leave a comment

As easy as that! The competition is open until 30 June  2012 and the winner will be chosen via a lucky draw.  We will notify you via email that you have won and to get more details from you.

Sadly, the competition is only open to SA citizens




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Green Snot means – a parents worst nightmare!








If you have friends with a child, the quickest way to scare them is spend time with their little one and then afterwards casually mention that you saw green snot coming out of the child’s nose. Watch for panicky or worried looks! What could green snot mean? To a parent it translates to a signal that there is either a cold or flu on the way or that there is a sinus problem. This in turn brings out memories of  sleepless nights due to coughing and blocked or running noses, getting up to test fevers and a long day at work due to being tired. Now you might be thinking “Seriously?” but yes it is a sign that something isn’t right and if you don’t start taking care of it asap, you will have a sick little one on your hands.

Before having Bella, green snot to me meant the goo that you find in colourful bottles at the toy store that stick to your hands when you pull it out and play with it. Now it means that I have to have tissues on hand or wet wipes to wipe away snot that can create a whole different mask on a Bella’s face if I don’t wipe it off and makes me think of the silver stuff that snails leave behind them as they plod along! As you can imagine, this isn’t a pretty sight!

The morale of the story is this is when you have to act; get medicine or homeopathic stuff for colds and treat it before it starts to develop properly! When I saw green snot for the first time, I didn’t act as I thought that the lady that had told me about it was pulling my leg and boy did I pay for that mistake with lots of lost sleep and sick child that took longer to get better than had I acted immediately. Now when I see it I start early and nip it in the bud and then our household gets that little bit of extra sleep that we so dearly need and the germs don’t get to take hold!


Gratefully grateful








Gratefully grateful This evening has been a really cold evening and so I put on an extra blanket on Bella when she went to bed and put on a warmer top for myself. This made me think of all the other people out there tonight that don’t have extra blankets and warm clothes. The recession has caused not only the rich to lose their money, but those that were struggling have been hit harder. As an adult, we can make do with a lot less than children. We can still wear that old jersey from last year or the jeans that are a little tight around the tummy but children are constantly growing and often that top from last year doesn’t necessarily fit this year. As a parent, we want to give everything that we can to our children and it must be very hard when you know that you cannot buy your child that jersey or warm top and to see their faces look up at you with blue rimmed lips or chattering teeth. It must break your heart into a million pieces and I am sure that there are many parents that have stayed up at night worrying about where the next meal will come from, let alone the next jersey! This has encouraged me to start a program, that currently doesn’t have a name but I have been in contact with other mothers and I am convinced that whatever clothes we have that aren’t being used, can go to a good cause. There are many children out there that can benefit from us and who knows, maybe one day those children that we have helped, can become CEO’s of companies or maybe even be the people that give my daughter a job! All I know is that everyone can do with a helping hand and I plan on doing what I can. I’m grateful that I am in a position to help and although the recession has affected my family and I, I still have a roof over my head, food on my table and clothes that I can dress my child in. What are you going to do to help?

A Review on Rhubarb and Custard products!









If you hear of rhubarb and custard, what do you think of? To me it brings memories of fun filled Sunday lunches with my family and warm snuggles in the cold winter.

Family, bonding and closeness is exactly what the company Rhubarb & Custard evoke in their products. Their stylish but sturdy baby slings encourage bonding between the wearer and the baby while at the same time, allowing the wearer to have their hands free to carry on with their daily routines. The slings come in a variety of fabulous colours and to ensure closeness, they provide a guide on how to measure yourself so that the sling is the perfect fit! The material is of a good quality and the slings are the only pouch slings in South Africa to be certified to UK/EU Standards! Best of all, you can use them from birth up until 18kg! What an investment!

For breast feeding moms there is also the Nursing Cover so that you don’t have to go and hide in the spare room at braais and you can feed your baby at a restaurant without the fear of people looking at you strangely.

My favourite is the “Little Bunny” and “I love Boobies” t-shirts! They are cute and adorable and will bring a smile to anyone that reads them! They come in sizes from birth to 12 months so your little one will always have that something different from the rest and will brighten up someone else’s day!


If you are pregnant and suffering from trying to get the right position so that you are comfortable at night, try the ‘V’ pillow…your partner will be very grateful! It supports you in all the right places so you that you don’t wake up sore and tired from tossing and turning the whole night.

The V-Pillow

If your little one starts to teeth, get yourself a Dribblies Bib which protects your little angel’s clothes from getting soggy from saliva and drooling. Not only stylish, absorbent and colourful, the bibs have 2 poppers to be able to adjust the size as little one grows.

Dribblies Bib


All-in-all, Rhubarb & Custard products are a must for pregnant ladies as well as mommies! Have a look at their website www.rhubarbandcustard.co.za for more information and to order your products! You won’t regret it!

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And the award goes to….

Mums the word…..

Society has taught us that mothers should be on top of their game, be good at everything that they do and be the perfect role model for our children. We should have a clean house and everything should be on its place or nice and tidy. We should live for our children. While I agree with some of this I do also think that there is more to it,

Most mothers will not admit to having days when they aren’t in control and things seem to go at a mad pace. Sometimes its work, sometimes its life in general but sometimes it is our kids. We have so many roles to play that sometimes we forget who the actor is, ourselves. We are the wives or girlfriends and play the role of friend and lover in that aspect. We are the care-takers, cooks, cleaners and nurses for our children as well as our partners. We are the employee or boss at work and have to do a different role there. With so many balls in the air, when do we get time to spend on ourselves? When do we take care of us?

I can honestly say that sometimes I have to take a time out for myself and just spend time with me and not thinking of everyone else. Some days it might be on the way to work playing my favourite songs at full blast, some days it is when Bella is asleep but if I don’t do it, I can feel that everyone else around me starts to feel it too. That is often what we as mothers forget; that to be able to look after everyone else, we need to take care of ourselves. If we feel flu coming on, not to just keep going but to take the rest we need to be able to give our bodies the time it needs to rest. I am as guilty as the other mothers that I know but I have made a stand and I am starting to slowly spend more time on myself, to find the bits of me that were there before Bella and motherhood. My husband isn’t complaining and says I look better which in turn makes me feel better! When I have a day where things aren’t in control, I try to find something to laugh about or speak to a dear friend Kirsten who is also a mom and we bounce ideas or feelings off each other.

The morale of the story is that it is ok to have a bad day; it is ok to for things to be out of control and to accept that they are and deal with them accordingly. It’s ok if there is a cup or dishes from the night before as you fell asleep by mistake and didn’t do them. We as mothers shouldn’t beat ourselves up or allow others to do that. You are the best actress in the world with all the roles that you pay and there should be a daily award given to each and every mom out there! You are fabulous!


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