My baby little girl!









They say enjoy your kids while they are young because one day you will turn around and they will be all grown up. Today I could not agree more with that statement as I am feeling nostalgic about Bella. In less than a month’s time she will be turning two and my little baby won’t be a baby anymore but a little girl. Having not seen her for three days last week, I can see the difference in her height as well as her face and exactly what it is that everyone has being saying about how big she is getting! I also took out some of Bella’s baby clothes for my sister and it was scary to see how small she was and how at the time that she wore the clothes, they seemed so big! She is also doing potty training and not wearing a nappy during the day and this shows me she’s not a little baby anymore! Oh and her telling me she is one! I told hubby that pretty soon we won’t have to look at the baby catalogues for her anymore!

Strange thing is I don’t get freaked out by her playing with make-up or doing things that are older than she is but birthdays seem to be a weird thing. I remember holding her when she was born and thinking “What the hell do I do now” and the hard time we had when she was born in the hospital. I remember her saying “Mama” and walking for the first time and the look on her face as she watched the washing blowing in the wind while I hung it up. I love thinking of how she asks her daddy now for a cuddle and kissing me “Good Morning” or our special little insider sayings or tickling each other.

Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t always been sunshine and roses and at times the three of us have had it pretty rough. There have been times that I have locked myself in the bathroom and though that I have had it with them and they can go sort themselves out! But then I remember that it’s new to them too and that something that seem obvious to one, doesn’t always seem so to the other and Bella is often just testing the boundaries like her daddy.

A lot of people have been asking when the second one is coming and after watching Bella this week with her cousin Skylah, I think she might be ready to have a brother or sister although if you ask her she says she doesn’t want one! God and time will tell whether we have another little addition but for now, Mom is going to finish up the things for her 2nd birthday party, spend as much time with her as my sanity will allow and go from there!

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Ginger Ray and Citymob Giveaway!








My heart is going boom boom and it is one of those moments when I am upset that I don’t have a credit card on hand!  I have found the cutest company called Ginger Ray and they make party decorations, for all events from weddings to kids parties! “Mediocre” is not in their vocabulary! With 10 years of experience in their industry, you can know that their products are fantastic!

They make everything from vintage lace place cards to bunting to rocking horse cake stands for kiddie’s parties and have different categories with fabulous goodies in them that make you want to eat the cake from the computer screen or just have a tea party for no reason.  Looking at all these pictures, I’m not sure if I should stick to Bella’s party theme and maybe actually change it! With their decorations I am sure that any party will look lovely! My favourite is the Flutter-by Small Wooden Pegs. They can also make things to suit your needs so if you don’t find something you like, you could always chat to them and they will wow your socks off!

They are also having a sale on Citymob for their children’s party theme and using this link you can get to it faster! Believe me it is well worth having a look at! What is Citymob you may ask? It is an online website where you can buy fabulous things at discounted prices from prints to shoes to sunglasses and it’s a free membership so you will get notified of specials and promotions that are running! Even better you can sign in with your Facebook account.


We also have a giveaway! Ginger Ray and Citymob have decided to give a little “hamper” with the following items:  Ginger Ray Rock-a-bye Baby: Napkins, Paper Plates, Paper Cups & Confetti (combined retail valued of R134)! How fabulous is that! To enter you have to subscribe to the Citymob website for your entry to count but is quick, free and easy to do! Just follow the steps below! Competition closes the 19 October 12 and is only open to residents in South Africa.

Enter Here:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Potty training – the new term for spillage!








I asked Rick (my hubby) this morning if he would mind if my daughter wore nappies for the rest of her life and the look that he gave me is very similar to the one that is on your face at the moment! The reason that I asked him is that Bella is being potty trained and it really isn’t easy at all!

The since this venture has begun, getting dressed in the mornings is no longer the 10 minute affair it used to be, it now includes a fight to have her panty put on (me) instead of a nappy (her) and as she is quite stubborn, I really have to bite on my teeth to not blow my lid at her! “Happy Place, Happy Place”! That I can still handle but my main worry is the shops.

Shops? What do I mean? Well before all you had to keep in mind was that there might be a tantrum due to wanting sweets or a toy or something of that nature, now I have to worry about spillage too if she wets herself!! Where is the nearest toilet, how the hell do I clean the floor and her and if I get covered in it, what am I going to wear??? These are all the questions that come with potty training! Her baby bag is a mass of extra clothes and panties now and to be honest, I nearly didn’t take her with me to the shop yesterday for the above mentioned reasons but she actually did really well. We left the shop with no mess or fuss except for the two dolls that she “sneaked” into my trolley and that had to come home with us!

We are using the Reward System so when she pees in the potty, she gets a sticker on the chart that I made her. I have also put it below so that you can also use it should you want to. I just popped it in a Word documents, colour printed it and laminated it so that I can reuse it as much as I can. Someone told me that it is all psychological and that I should hid the nappies and tell her I only have 1 left and show only that one to her. Hmm there are so many different ways and tricks and I think that I am going to have to investigate this further. Heck, there is a place in Joburg that guarantees that they can potty train your child in four hours which sounds amazing and makes me want to take a road trip there! Hmm there must be something on Google that works out the same?

Wish us luck and if you have any tips, please let me know!


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My friend is having a baby!








Before becoming a mom, I too had Friends who are Pregnant and Friends with Kids and sometimes I used to feel like an idiot when they used some terminologies that was relevant to being pregnant but  I had no idea what they meant. Lactating, was this a new cocktail? Trimester, my little couch potatoes body thought that this was a muscle group that I had not heard of yet! Was a perineum a new sauce from Nandos?  Is swaddling a new dance move because it sounds kind of dorky? Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore I went and got hold of a pregnancy book and read up on these things so that when they spoke about it, I didn’t do the blank stare and the conversation would not have to be halted by me asking “umm, what’s that?”

So I when I had Bella, every time I spoke of one of the terminologies, I would stop and explain to whomever I was chatting to, before they asked, so that I didn’t make them feel like idiots. Maybe you don’t have the time to read a pregnancy book so here I am going to explain some of the terms so that when they chat, you too will be informed! I will also give some tips on how to be the best friend you can be when your friend has had a baby or has a kid.


Lactating: this is when milk comes from the mother’s nipples to feed the baby.

Latching:  when the mother holds the baby in her arms and moves the baby towards the nipple to encourage drinking. When the baby takes the nipple into its mouth and starts to drink, it’s called latching and it can be quite a difficult process. If someone says that they baby doesn’t want to latch, it means that he won’t accept the nipple and hence not drink.

Trimester: the 9 months of pregnancy is divided into three sections called trimesters! You get the beginning stages of pregnancy which is the First Trimester (this is where most of the nauseous occurs!!!), then the Second Trimester and the Third Trimester which is nearing to the end of pregnancy.

Perineum:  This is the area between the anus and the vagina and can be torn or surgically cut during childbirth.

Due date: this is the date that the doctor will advise that the baby is more likely to be born on but there are no guarantees; the baby can come earlier or later.

My friend Santi with Bella

Porridge brain: the oxygen supply that goes to a pregnant woman’s brain while pregnant can become less as the oxygen is diverted to the baby. Your once clever friend might forget simple things like what you where talking about 2 minutes ago or ask you for coffee and not make it. Often they don’t even realise it as it affects their short term memory and so be accommodation and try not to make them feel stupid about it. How would you feel if you suddenly started forgetting everything?

Epidural: this is a needle that has anaesthetics in it and is used during labour as a pain relief for mothers. It is inserted into their backs during the first stages of child birth and numbs the area from the waist down.

Natural birth: this refers to when a baby is born by coming out of the vagina

Caesarean: an incision is made into the mother’s womb via the stomach and the baby is lifted out by doctors.

Antenatal classes: these are classes for parents to be where they can go and learn things like how to wash a baby, how to change a nappy and basically anything that has to do with babies

Nappy rash: this is when the skin becomes irritated in the nappy region and can happen when a nappy is left on too long and the skin gets affected by urine or stools. The area becomes red and the degree, to which it is, depends on how fast it gets treated. If left untreated, it can create blisters and actually bleed. There are many ways to treat it, namely with creams or using Maizena.

Stools: This is another term for faeces. They are very important as the colour, smell and consistency can tell a lot about what is happening with the baby.

Sleeping through:  when a child goes to sleep at night and doesn’t wake up until the morning again. This is what most sleep deprived parents crave!

Teething: this can be quite painful for some kids and others just breeze through it. Teething is when the milk teeth in the kid’s mouth start coming out and pushing through the gums

Solids: this is food that isn’t formula or breast milk. this is done in stages so around 4-6 months, babies will start to have baby cereal (just porridge formulated with their little tummies in mind) and purees like Purity or HPPT. As they get older the food becomes more textured and progresses to include more foods and eventually to finger foods that toddlers can hold and eventually feed themselves.

Weaning: this is when parents try to get their kid to drink less of the milk and more of the food. It can also refer to breast feeding moms who are trying to get their baby from not drinking from her anymore.

Tips to help you support your friends

Maritha with Bella

Everyone is different, some people accept help while others don’t but I am going to give you some tips that I found helpful which my friends did and from those that I have heard from other mothers!

1)      If you think that you freaked out when you heard that your friends where pregnant, just bear in mind that although you might have seen the happy faces, some or other time there is going to be the “oh s#it!” moment when they realise what is actually going to happen to them. If you start to get some crazy calls at 2am or your friend start to tell you how worried they are and it seems to be that way all the time, be supportive and just listen. It will pass.

2)      Know what and how to pack a baby bag for hospital so that if you get a call from your friend to say that they have gone into labour and have nothing with them or packed, you will look like a hero (I speak from experience!) remember that babies don’t always come on their due date, sometimes they like to come earlier!

3)      This whole experience will be new to them and they may take over a conversation about it. Also if a mom is on Maternity Leave, she might not see as many people as she used to and with the baby taking up a lot of her time, she might not be up to date on what is happening in the world. Give her time to talk about the baby and get it out of her system and then steer the conversation to something else. If she calls you ranting and raving how this is driving her mad and she can’t cope, let her say what she needs to say and be the friend that you were before the baby!

4)      Read up on babies and learn something about them like games to play with them and fun things to do. This will help you too when you hold the baby or entertain the kid.  The more involved you become the better relationship you will have with the child!

5)      Ask, remind, ask again, keep reminding and all but drag your friend out to go and do something like go for coffee or a movie or something that she used to do before the little one. Often kids can get sick or babysitters can’t be found so bear with her if she says no a few times. Once you have arranged plans, remind them as often with so many things to do, they may forget

All in all the best advice I can give is to be there for your friends, love them, let them rant and rave and speak to them about anything that bothers you. Ask questions and go shopping with them, they are the same people after all! Most importantly, give them time to become parents and understand that things may change but that doesn’t mean your friendship must end, it just needs to adapt!

On the road again








Bag packed: no. Car packed: no. Babysitter arranged: yes. Snacks for 12 hour car drive bought: no.  Been shopping and bought outfit for reunion dinner: um no. Well as you have gathered, I am very prepared for our trip up country this weekend!

Hubby and I are going to his high school reunion which is 12 hours drive away and we could fly  but the prices of tickets at the moment  are crazy so we are going to do the road trip thing and just go with the open road. It is however the first time in nearly 2 years that we will be going away alone for the weekend and while I can’t wait, I am a bit apprehensive.

Now in case you are wondering if I am crazy, let me explain. Hubby has been going away a lot recently on business and is often been gone two or more days and while I miss him terribly, there is a small little lady named Bella that pines for her daddy. She will wake up in the middle of the night to ask if he is there, even if he is home and when we leave in the mornings and he comes to say goodbye, sometimes it sounds like her little heart is broken as she holds onto him and sobs!  But Mama has always been there to remind her that he is coming home tomorrow or in two sleepies and that he promises to bring sweeties etc. Now Mama is also going to be gone and Bella will stay with her granny until we get home. I can only imagine what is going to happen when we get back and what next week will hold for me in sleepless nights, constant check ups to see if I’m there and so forth! I am going to go with a positive attitude and enjoy this time “alone” with hubby. Bella’s Yaya (her granny that she named herself) also has a BB so I will send her videos and keep in touch with Bella. Can you tell that I am missing her already and that it might be Mama that misses her more?


Win tickets to MamaMagic The Baby Expo!








If like me, you love a bargain and when you see the word “Special” and a picture of nappies, bum cream etc you get all excited then I would recommend going to the MamaMagic The Baby Expo!

This expo is a haven of fabulous and innovative products all aimed for children aged 0-6 years and you will find some of the cutest clothes/slings/bags and just about everything that you can think of for a child! A lot of the exhibitors will run Show only Specials and you get so many discounts that it really is worthwhile to go! We bought a large bulk of Bella’s nappies there before she was born and saved so much!

Best of all for the kids is that they have the Barney Show where our purple friend entertains the children for free with singing and dancing! My little one loves it and went mad at the show last year! There is also a Barney Competition for the greatest fan – have a look at this page   A new addition this year for Cape Town will be the CBeebies Nina from Nina and the Neurons which is a great show teaching children about science. I admit to having watched this a few times and I really enjoy it! She will be on stage before Barney and I think it will be a show not to be missed. The tickets need to be booked when you get your entrance tickets so don’t forget to ask!

Mommies, if you are worried about changing nappies and breastfeeding, don’t be as there will be the Pampers Nappy Change Rooms as well as the Phillips Avent Breastfeeding and Bottle Warming Stations! This means you don’t have to worry about it being messy or dirty and they are all private so you can change and feed in peace and quiet.

Dads, there will be many gadgets for you to fiddle and check out and it was quite interesting to see how many guys enjoy the show too! Especially the Barney show with the kids! A nice thing to go to is the Expert Lounge where you can find all sorts of information on topics ranging from First Aid to breastfeeding to sleeping.

The details for the shows are as follows:

Cape Town


02-04 November 2012


9am – 6pm daily




R65pp, children under 10 are free

R50 for pensioners



29 November – 02 December 2012


9am – 6pm daily


Coco-Cola Dome Joburg


R65pp, children under 10 are free

R50 for pensioners

And of course we have a wonderful competition to run with MamaMagic, The Baby Expo! 5lucky winners in Cape Town and 5 lucky winners in Joburg will each win 2 tickets to the Mama Magic The Baby Expo! Enter below (please give it a minute to load) and to get more entries, Like Baby Bugs ‘n Berries  and MamaMagic on Facebook and share this post! Please specify if you would like Cape Town or Joburg tickets. Entries close on the 22 October! Good Luck!

Enter here!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Free Printable 2012 Calendars








I am really worried that I am not going to get everything done for Bella’s birthday as I am known for leaving things to the last minute (they always work out) and my hubby is going to be studying for his exam (15 Nov and party is 17 Nov) so I really need to plan otherwise it will be a night before thing and who knows what will happen then!

I decided I needed a calendar when things could be done by so that I can keep up to date with it all. I Googled for “Free Printable 2012 Calendars ” for a October Calendar but didn’t find anything that I liked so I decided to make one! This is what I came up with and you can download it at the bottom of this post! All you would have to do is copy and paste it into a Word document, set the page setup to landscape and you have a calendar. I changed mine on picmonkey and added fun pictures to it and have it all ready to be printed with blue polka dots in the background!

J I also  made one for my friend D at Sweet as she is being a big crusader for Breast Cancer Awareness (as October is Breast Cancer Awareness for those that don’t know!) and then I thought well seeing as I am making one for October, why not for November and December! J

You are welcome to use them for personal use but if you reuse them, please do give some credit where it is due (took me quite a while to do it! Heehee) click on the picture below to download them! 🙂



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Planning a birthday party for a two year old!








Bella’s birthday is in 6 weeks and she will be turning 2! I really don’t know where the time has gone and how my little princess has grown up so quickly! So this brings me to the next topic: her birthday party!

Last year we just had one at home with friends and family and although the guest would never have known it, there were quite a few hiccups with it before they arrived. Now I am generally speaking, a spontaneous person who likes to see what happens but with some things I like to plan and make sure that everything runs pretty smoothly. Her 1st birthday had some planning but due to um unforeseen circumstances, some things didn’t go quite the way they were meant to (hint: birthday cake) and being the sentimental soul that I am (weird that way) I ended up in the kitchen with bright rimmed eyes to match the ladybird cake I was trying to decorate.

Queue another year on and I have started to plan her 2nd birthday. After many countless hours of thinking and working out scenarios in my head, I have come up with the final decision that the theme will be owls’ .Hey, in a few years I won’t be able to choose her theme and she will tell me what to do so I might as well do it now! Some people have said that the parties are just mainly for the kids and to be honest, we don’t do the Santa or the Christmas tree thing so Easter and Birthdays are really big in my books. Come to think of it we don’t do Valentine’s Day either as to me it is a money making scheme but that’s another topic for another day. So to summaries, yes, I will go a bit mad on her birthday. But and there is a big BUT here, it isn’t going to be one that is going to cost an arm and a leg, no way! We are going to make the cake and cookies ourselves, email the invites as it is environmentally cheaper and everyone looks at their email everyday and I am going to make cute party packs that are not going to cost a fortune! This is a cheapy mom here!  I also want to have it in a pretty garden and make bunting and make it look all girly! This might take a bit more planning as I don’t have that much garden at home! But as they say, not planning is planning to fail and this birthday it is going to be amazing for both of us!

If you have any ideas, please let me know, leave a comment or any tips too!

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Why do I Blog?

Someone recently asked me why do I blog and to be honest I had to think for a few moments before I answered. I gave a few reasons that I could think of offhand but while driving home, in the silence of my car, I actually started to think about it. Why do I blog? Here is what I discovered:

Reason 1.The obvious one would be to clear my head and get some clarity in my jumble of thoughts.

Reason 2. I wanted the blog/website to be a gateway for parents and people to be able to find and tips and general info on things to do in our town as a parent so that the same question would not be asked a 100 times and the same answers be given.

Reason 3. I wanted to express myself in a different medium and discover what I was capable online wise, that’s why I built/modified the blog to fit my requirements with minimum “professional” help and it took longer than I expected.

Reason 4 and 5. These two are sort of the same thing as they are interlinked. I wanted to meet other moms and so not be alone in this new and crazy experience called motherhood. As a working mom, most play dates, swimming classes, talks, lectures and things that stay at home moms tend to do, are during the week and trying to find something on the weekend is like trying to find a needle in the haystack! I wanted my blog to make a “salary” for myself so that I could become a stay at home mom and spend all my time with Bella. But as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day and while this hasn’t happened, I believe that it will one day!

Reason 6. This to me is the most important reason and recently after meeting some fab ladies at a high tea that I realised that I have forgotten about myself, the non-mommy person. I have been trying to fill all the roles that that are in my “portfolio” and but have forgotten about the main character: me. If I’m not happy then the rest won’t be and to be honest, I think that little old me has been feeling neglected lately. I have been so focused on making sure that everyone else’s needs are met that I have forgotten about my own. So when I got home, I made a “little” list of all the things that I want to have done, have dusted off my Goal Chart and posters and worked out the next plan of action so that I can get out of this rut that I am in! It can and will be done and can’t wait to start! Hmm hubby is going to have to put up some picture frames up…..

Am I going to stop blogging? Nope! Do I enjoy it? Love it! So to all the moms out there that might feel the same, you are not alone. You are fabulous and there is someone else out there that understands how you feel!

My secret addiction








You might not know this about me but I have a secret addiction. Ok maybe I should add an S onto the end of that and rephrase. Secret addictions! Now before you get all worried, they are not drug or alcohol related or anything that can hurt anyone else but my wallet and make you question my sanity! Here they are in no particular order…

I have a thing for cute owls, the kinds in cartoons and on picture books, not the real feathers and claw kinds. You won’t know it by looking at me as I don’t have any thing that I have on me (international shipping fees are meanies) but I have started to spread it to Bella’s room with her duvet and the whole “theme” of her room which is owls. With her birthday coming up I am also slightly inclined to make it owl themed, well how many parties have you seen based on owls? I’ve never!

My other addiction that I make sure to pack far away in the crevice of my heart is my thing for shoes. Now those in the know will be standing with mouths hanging open but it’s true, my little heart goes gaga for shoes but I hardly ever buy them because when I do spend my money (hubby calls me a cheapskate) it is on the Perfect pair and not the 101 other ones that caught my eye.

My other silly addiction is my addition to DIY and crafts. I love redecorating things in my head and I have so many ideas for things to make but finding the time to do it is another thing. I have an eye on my next project and it will be done…soon.

Some would ask “What about your loves for Pucca or for Soap & Glory but these are so hard to find to find in South Africa. My love for Hello Kitty has never gone away and Bella has many Hello Kitty items in her room and wardrobe and I was in labour with her in a Hello Kitty PJ! With Pinterest there are so many sites that I have found that sell these things but with the exchange rate, they are very pricey!

Well now you know my secret, it is out there in cyber space and will be stored away for some other person with a secret addition to find! 🙂

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Support National Cupcake 4 Kids with Cancer Day








Yesterday I had to take Bella for a rather delayed vaccination and before the time I was really stressed out because I know with the other ones, that they really hurt and that she cried a lot! I told Bella on the way there that it might hurt and it was with great apprehension that I took her to the nurse. The nurse gave her a cookie and Bella sat on my lap, she wasn’t too impressed that I had pulled down her pants and moaned a bit about that. The nurse gave her another cookie, just in case, and while she was chomping on it, gave her the shot in her right leg while Mom stopped breathing. And nothing. Not a single tear, cry or moan! I was more stressed out than she was! Mom needed a shot and not the injection kind if you know what I mean.

On 29 September 2012 is South Africa’s first National Cupcake Day 4 Kids with Cancer, started by Cupcakes of HOPE to raise money for children with cancer.  This has made me think of all those moms and dads out there that have to take their children to Doctors and nurses everyday and often not just for shots but for lumber bunches and operations and far worse things. I have the outmost respect for them and I can only imagine how much strength and sheer will it must take not to show your children that you are scared and to be there for them, especially when they are very young and don’t really understand what is going on. I also think that the CANSA (the Cancer Association of South Africa) is amazing in raising money for these families and the various hospitals that they help to decorate etc.

So, to try to do my bit, I am going to buy cupcakes on Saturday at the various locations mentioned on the Cupcakes of Hope website  and though it might not be a lot, it is a lot to someone else!

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How to choose a school for your child








Your child starting crèche or preschool can be a daunting experience and most often, it is us parents that worry more than our little ones do. Often you will see mom’s bawling their eyes out in their cars in the parking lots, wondering if they have done the right thing or wishing that they could go back inside, take their little one and go cuddle at home.This was what I did the first day that I dropped off Bella at school.

To make the process easier, here are some tips that I have complied, some from my experience and others from talking with moms who also have babies and tots in crèches and schools:

Choosing the crèche or school

It’s very important that you research and find out about the different schools that are in your area for your child’s safety as well as your peace of mind. Take your partner or go alone and look at the school when the kids get dropped off or picked up or go in the middle of the day when you are least expected. Talk to the moms and dads with children in the school to get a feel of their experience of the school. I suggest doing this away from the principals and the teachers who will probably give you a glowing report of the school and leave out any “grey” areas. Ask as many questions as you can namely:

  1. Is there someone on site that is trained in First Aid?
  2. What meals they provide and how are they prepared?
  3. Ask for a copy of a day planner to show what they do with the children during the day i.e. the routine that your little one will be following?
  4. What time do the children sleep?
  5. What do they plan on teaching your child and are there time frames for it to be taught in? I.e. we teach my daughter at home two new specific things a week.
  6. Do they give monthly or end of term reports i.e. weight that your child has picked up while being there?
  7. What artwork or creative things will they be doing and can you see examples of it?

If you feel unhappy with any of the answers or unsure of the school or crèche, move along and go look elsewhere. These people will be looking after your child and if you are uncomfortable with them, your little one will soon pick it up, especially when you drop them off, and you will worry more than anything. Sometimes, financial situations can dictate where we take out children and if this is the case, make sure that the crèche or school is aware of what you don’t like and maybe suggest an alternative activity, meal etc.

What you could also do, put in a day’s leave and go and spend the day with your little one at the crèche or school. Most people can’t keep their “pose” the whole day and then you can see what happens at the school. I recently did this when Bella started at a new crèche and it was actually quite interesting to be with her there in the crèche setting.  If you ever think that your little one forgets about you, you are mistaken! When they get hurt or are upset, they do call for their Mommas and yes they do miss you. It is also quite interesting to see how the little ones interact with each other and will look up when a mom comes to fetch one of the other children, just to see if their moms aren’t behind them. It does also get quite hard for the care-givers as most of them become attached to your child.

You have chosen the school

Try to establish a good relationship with the caregivers of your child. Talk to them when something is bothering you or you want answers regarding your child. I found that sticking to the routine that they have at school, during weekends, helped Bella to adapt easier and helps her to know what to expect. It also helps to stop her from getting grizzly when she should have been eating and here I am wondering why she is so upset when she is actually just hungry!Remember that you cannot dictate to them what routine your child should follow, the routine that that is done is usually done taking all the kids into consideration. Best advice; adapt!

The main things to remember: keep your eyes open but be relaxed and make sure you create a good relationship with those who look after your kid!

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