Do you remember those days when you only had three or four hours sleep and it was normally because you had this crazy evening out dancing or watching series until who knows what time? My fav was doing movie marathons and watching them till the cows came home with big bowls of salted popcorn and giant mugs of coffee with lots of ciggies and maybe a chocolate or two.

Fast forward 2 years and if I say I have had three or four hours sleep, it means that either Bella or Rick or both have taken turns to wake me up. Bella at the moment with her coughing at night and hubby with his night sounds due to sinus. And not to forget my new internal (insert radio edit) alarm clock that seems to do off ever morning now at around 02:00 because I am used to Bella waking up around that time and before the coughing started, she was sleeping through for the first time in month. Well that all has gone to pot and this mommy feels like a zombie who could position herself under the coffee pot in a coffee shop and tell them to pour till they run out of coffee.

It’s strange how your body can take its toll on you!   They say you need 8 hours sleep a day but the person who wrote that doesn’t have any children. I can assure you of that! I suppose one can’t complain there could be a hundred worse things that could happen instead. I think as a mom you just never really catch up on the sleep that you have missed, it’s like a scale, if you keep eating chocolates, the weight is going to add and unless you do something, it is going to keep piling on!

Well this momma is going to try to go to bed early tonight and so that I can try to beat this feeling of exhaustion and see what happened from there! After all, it’s a danger to allow zombies to walk around town, what if they start to fall apart!! J



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