What a weekend! At the moment I’m sitting under a blanket eating Ultramel custard and watching one of my new favourite series Drop Dead Diva! It is so classic; it makes me laugh and is really funny! It’s about this skinny model that dies and comes back as a larger girl and how she has to deal with all the things in her life.

Watching this has also been quite therapeutic for me as I have been learning from some of the lessons that she has been going through. I have been given a list of things that I need to work on for my own sanity and I realized this weekend that I still need to work a bit on one of them. Yip there seems to have been some confusion this weekend and it all has to do with listening and you guessed it, communication. One of the hardest lessons I have had to learn is to get used to not having answers and not knowing what is going on with other people. I have been dealing with this and have been so much better at it. I am getting stronger and have changed or “evolved” so much in the past few weeks that if I didn’t know myself, I would be very surprised. I’ve been learning to feel my emotions, take a breath and then to speak, this from a woman that normally says what she feels right off the bat. I have also been working on a few other things and one of them, I am proud to say, that I have gone from an uhm untidy room to a clean cupboard and non-messy room! J That’s big for me 🙂 My favorite saying is “I’m creative, you can’t expect me to be tidy as well”. So now that I have worked on that, my next tackle is B’s room and working on teaching her to be tidier! I am evolving and growing up, some days I feel my age, although I do allow my inner child to play now and then!  Like this weekend.

This weekend B was with her dad so my sister and I went out dancing! We met up with some other people and the one guy saved me from a very awkward situation that left me feeling disgusted and wanting to slap a man! Seems some men think that they can do what they want when you aren’t with a specific person or have a ring on your finger. WTF!  But that didn’t ruin my evening and we moved on to another place, met Gareth Cliff and a friend found me by following a Facebook trail and  made my  night just that much more perfect! Gotta love technology! We danced until 04:00am and I was in stilettos!  My poor little feet where so sore after that but I had so much fun. All in all it was a good weekend and I really enjoyed myself!

So I’m back to working on my list and keeping up with my baby steps.  Oh and before I forget, thanks to all the people out there that are mailing me! I am glad that I can be of help and that I am inspiring so many people!  Never thought I would do something like that!



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  1. I had a super wknd&just wanted to say I’m Super Proud of you!!you’re growing stronger by the day!love u Abs 🙂

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