Today has been one of those days that when at the end of it you go WTF? I had a car accident this morning and strangely enough I had a day dream the other day about meeting a sexy hot dr after having a fender bender (Mills and Bloom moment hahah) and the guy in the accident turned out to be a…wait for it..dr! Then I went to go report it at the poice station, I saw a woman that looked very familiar. I was in so much shock that I didn’t look properly and had to look again! It was my bestie Michelle! Wtf? Strangely enough she had an appointment at the police station but told me later that she has mixed up the dates and was actually not meant to be there at all. Seeing her made me relax A LOT!

My friend who is a mechanic happened to have time off and came to look at my car (sweety pie). Strangely enough he leaves for Namibia tonight…another twist. Car also doesn’t have that much damage…phew.

Then work was well madness as it seems people think today was Friday and last minute changes made me want to scream but hey, such is life. But..I heard today that I passed my advanced Excel course that the company sent me on! Yayness!

Get home and all our favourite programs are on TV and best of all for B, her dad actually bothered to call! Got B to bed and so its “Me Time” and what happens to be on..The Hunger Games. This movie helped me soooooooo much when I was getting divorced as it had just come out and I was feeling low and sad. I would put it on for the music and to remind myself that no matter how shit things were, at least I didn’t have to go through what they did and it helped me get stronger. I have a Pinterest board for it if you want to see some pics of them!

the hunger games

I also got a message this evening from a very dear friend whose silver lining has just started to show!

So all in all I learnt today that you have to be careful for what you wish for! There is also so much to be grateful for and with everything negative, there is always something positive! Did anything great happen to you today?

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