I have discovered that children seem to grow faster than a blink of an eye and their clothes seem to shrink faster than you can say “Mister Maker”! Here is your chance to win a pretty dress!

I have taken to letting B wear the “expensive/special” items more because otherwise she will never get to wear them and they too will join the box for clothes in case we have another baby. I must say that I am pretty lucky when it comes to buying things because I do shop around and like most parents, look for that bargain! The cheapest item I have ever bought was for 5c at a massive retail store when they had a sale and somehow it had been taken off the system so they had to charge me something! I did the happy dance in the middle of the shop and a few people must have thought that I am nuts! End of summer and winter sales you can get all sorts of lovely things for the next year but with the way that B is shooting up, sizes can be a gamble! B’s whole winter wardrobe last year was bought like this. I don’t know about you but I also don’t mind about second hand clothes, after all, they are well looked after and you aren’t going to get holes and nasty things so why not?

So here is a little giveaway for a girl under the age of 10. One lucky person can win a pretty dress, in the colour of your choice with the design in the picture made by Jeari and I will post it to you for your special little one! To enter is easy! Like Baby Bugs ‘n Berries on Facebook, refer a friend and leave a comment below! Competition closes on 4 March 2013 and is open internationally.

love abbi

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18 Comments on Win a pretty dress!

  1. Roses are Reed,
    Violets are blue,
    I will do anything to win this beautiful dress,
    for my little one who just turned two!

    Thank you Baby Bugs ‘n Berries for such an awesome Facebook Page and website! Thank you again for such a lovely competition with such an amazing prize!

  2. My little chante will look so pretty in this stunning dress its almost her birthday will be a nize prezzy for her she will love it holding thumbs

  3. Oh finally a comp where i can win somehitng for my elder daughter! She always is asking if i won anything for her! Thank you for the opportunity:)

  4. I have to agree the little ones do grow up too quickly, within a blink of an eye they are 3 years old! My little one is very tall for her age! So it would be great to win a cute dress for her! Thank you for such a great competition!

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