Since starting this whole potty training thing, I have discovered that there are a few things that people or books don’t tell you about potty training! Things that I have had to learn the hard way and so here they are so you know too!

Kids need to potty at 00:15 as well and you can sit there a while waiting for it to come.

They will need to go when you least expect it or just before you leave and you wait 20 minutes before a trickle comes out.

Let them help choose the seat or potty and this will help to keep them involved.

Gold stars and a reward system work wonders, let them put the stickers on so they feel more involved. You might wake up with a misplaced star in  your hair but that’s ok.

Being frustrated and having a irritated moment is normal but try not to do it in front of kiddie, they will then become scared of toilet and takes a while to get them used to it again.

Have an extra top or shirt in the car for yourself as accidents do happen and although you probably will have extra clothes for your little one, walking around with a big fat wet spot on your top isn’t cool.

When you get to any new place/shop/mall make sure you know the quickest way to get to the bathroom as most kids seems to let you know when you have like 2 minutes to get to the bathroom.

Accidents do happen and often its more embarrassing for them than you, don’t make a fuss or be negative towards them, imagine if the roles were reversed.

A kiddie with a runny tummy and underwear is completely different to that with a nappy on. It  is not contained like in a nappy and when you take the underwear off, be careful for spillage, especially if you only have one set of clothes with you. Your kiddie might be interested in seeing what is going on so watch where they walk if there is spillage.

Don’t praise them when they haven’t done anything on the loo as then they will ask you to take them just so that they can hear the praise song/sentence etc.

Good luck and lemme know how it goes!


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