Unilever Bright future

Life is so rushed now adays, we rush to get to work, rush to get home, rush to finish our cleaning and cooking and rush to bed. Everything is faster and technology and and and. I recently found out about this campagin from Unilever and it surprised me as here was a large global company taking the time to stop and see how they could help people and communities.

Unilever has a campaign running called the #BrightFutureSa campagain.

In June and July Unilever ignited the brightFuture conversation with the country’s most influential citizens – children. After encouraging South Africans to view and share the brightFuture video, “The Way Kids See It” Unilever challenged parents to inspire us with their kids’ world-changing inventions and ideas, offering five bursaries of R10 000 as prizes for the best ideas.

Unilever Bright Future

In August, Unilever will showcase and celebrate people that they believe are our future South African leaders. Young men and women who are taking action to create a brightFuture for South Africa. Youth who have chosen to commit their talents and skills to positive change. One of these leaders is Thato Kgatlhanye. She has positively impacted her community and our country and represents the possibility of a brighter future for both South Africa and the world.

A social entrepreneur, Thato saw an opportunity to make a positive impact in her community and now has a thriving business that changes lives.  Together with a friend, they invented the Repurpose Schoolbag. Made from recycled plastic, the schoolbag includes a solar panel that charges while kids walk to school and transforms into a study light by night.  We believe that honoring and sharing stories such as hers, will serve as inspiration for others. I received one of these bags and they are truly amazing! Now to pass it on 😉

Unilever Bright Future

Unilever brightFuture is a platform that helps unite and amplify the efforts of a growing community of people who believe it is possible to build a world where everyone lives well and lives sustainable, who recognise we can only achieve this if we all work together to do small actions every day that make a real difference and who inspire others to join us in making this the way everyone chooses to live.

How can you get involved? Spread the news via Twitter (#BrightFutureSa) and Facebook and tell me a about a young leader that has inspired you through their commitment to sustainability. I will choose my favourite young person from these suggestions and tell Unilever about it, they may be chosen to be showcased. The winner from the overall Unilever competition will receive a R2 500 donation to their sustainability initiative. The person who nominated them will receive a Unilever product hamper. Their campaign ends the 28 August so start recommending people!


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