“Baby all I want for Christmas is you” is the song that I am humming the whole morning already!  It’s partly due to the fact that I am taking part in a Secret Blogger Christmas Gift exchange thingy and also because a friend mentioned in 7 weeks it will be Christmas! 7 Weeks? What do you mean 7 weeks? Where has the jolly year gone? Feels like yesterday it was New Years Eve and we were popping the champagne.

Hang on, if Christmas is in 7 weeks that means in 4 and a half months I will be leaving my 20ees and going into my thirties! Oh s#$%! For those older than me, please take no offense, this is only relevant to my age as most of the time I feel 21 and the other day I thought well “I’m only 21 so what?” and then my mathematical brain added another 8 years to that and I gulped.  Luckily I had my mid life crisis at 25 as I felt that I wasn’t at the point in my life where I wanted to be  but I think I might just have a mini one at this age. 30. Thirrrrty.

Now my next point that comes to mind is do you throw a party for 30 or do you silently celebrate it with a case bottle of champers like you would any other birthday? My bestie is going to Thailand to celebrate hers (I’m 23 days older than her) so maybe I should wait for her to come back and then have a nice big old party for it. Notice how I slipped in the word old there! 😉

I think that I am just going to treat it like another old birthday and go from there. After all you only turn 30 once and with the time that is flying so fast, I will be 31 very quickly!

What do you think? Party or no party?

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