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I’m a little quirky and  anything that’s different or interesting will get my attention.  Enter Tre Restaurant with its Steampunk vibe. The theme is inspired by Sherlock Holmes and there is wonderful and warm ambiance! The decor is mind blowing  but not overpowering or distracting. Lets start at the beginning..

 The Food Menu

Tre Restaurant Food

The food menu is to die for with a wide variety of foods like a Jack Daniels Hamburger (the patty is soaked in the whiskey), banting options and fresh baked goods. An interesting addition is that you can also customize your meal by choosing what you would like your food cooked in be it Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil or Avocado Oil.

Since I’ve come back from the UK, I have been dying to try deep fried ice-cream and on a recent visit to Tre Restaurant, I managed to have it. They coated the ice-cream  in bread and cookie crumbs and then fried it in hot oil. When I cut into the ball, the ice-cream inside ooooozed out.  To say I was a happy girl is to say the least! Best of all, the food presentation is vivid and you can even eat the fresh flowers that it gets served with. The chips come in little metal pots and some meals are served on a wooden board. Just writing about it makes me hungry!

The Drinks Menu


Then of course there is the wonderful cocktail menu! You can choose between alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks and there is a very wide variety. Tre Restaurant also supports local crafters and recently had GinFest, an evening with different types of Gin for sale from the likes of Bombay Sapphire, Hendrik’s Gin and  Hope on Hopkins Distillery . I heard it was a lot of fun! They are having a Brandy and Braai Festival on the 25 June and this seems to be very promising! Get more details here. And last but not least..

 Something for the kiddies

The nice thing about Tre Restaurant is that they also cater for children and their prices are not bad. There is a wide variety of things for children to eat and its healthy in a sneaky way. Kinda like my spaghetti bolognaise that’s filled with vegetables!

Tre Restaurant is in Somerset West but sadly soon will be leaving for the wonderful life of Cape Town and Bree Street! Although I’m going to miss them, I think the people of CPT are going to love them! Have a look at their website to keep up to date as to where they are or to make a booking. Hmmm I could do with a cappuccino now…..

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