In 11 days it will be Bella’s party and I have finally gotten the final tally numbers for her birthday party. Yesterday I was on 14 and today we are 25 kids and 4 babies! At first I hit panic mode but I have been planning this for a while and been working on having 20 kids so what is 5 extra kids? I just have to make a few more things. I must say that had I not worked out a whole plan as to when do what etc, I think that I probably would have been in a far worse situation than I am now.

So far this party has hardly even cost what it would cost to hire a venue! I have been keeping a tally, making most of the things and to be honest it has been a lot of fun! Well maybe not last night when I was up until 11:30 baking cookies and making presents while  Bella and Rick slept as there was no one to share them with! Tonight it’s off to ice them

Here are some of the things that I have found to be working:

Work out your budget as this will determine how much you can spend.

Decide on a theme, if you are going to have one, and look on the net or in books for ideas.

Look on Pintrest and get ideas of what you would like to do. Create your own board so that you have you can pin pins that you like for easy reference.

Buy something towards the party once a week and start at least a month before the time so that you can stockpile or start working on things and not sit with a big amount of money that you have to give away all at once.

Print a calendar and use different coloured pens to mark when you should do what on your list and by when it should be completed. If you keep on track you will not panic as towards the end, all you should have left to do is bake and ice the cakes.

Well hold thumbs that all goes according to plan, so far so good and I should be done with all the little things by Sunday so that I can start the big things like baking the cakes and icing them! First time I am going to make a three tier cake so wish me luck!

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