This has been a really interesting week for me and to be honest, tomorrow isn’t going to be any quieter. Last night I found this really weird rash all over Bella and today it has been confirmed that she has German Measles! Yip, she is now one bit red polka dot! Luckily it isn’t itchy yet but I’m holding thumbs that it doesn’t as how do you get a toddler to not scratch?

The other interesting thing that has been happening is that we found out a few weeks ago that my hubby and Bella may be able to get Italian passports through Rick’s mom’s side of the family! But here comes the interesting part: all the legal identifying documents pertaining to Rick’s  family members, namely grandparents and great grandparents have been lost over the years! So were to start!? Luckily we got hold of Rick’s moms’ unabridged birth certificate but this didn’t have any I.D numbers of her parents so I had no idea as to what to do next. There was a really nice guy at the counter helping me  and gave me an idea to try and so after calling Rick’s mom to get her mother’s birthday date we finally got a number together to be able to look for the granny’s I.D number! Will you believe it that we found it! Now what about the rest?

Well Rick phoned the graveyard where his grandparents are buried (this we know) and they have some of the  grandparent’s details like who the undertaker was but no I.D numbers! So with the grandfather we are still at square one! With the great-grandparents we aren’t even on a square!  It’s been quite fun to rack our brains to find out this info or where to get it and to be honest, I always used to think that it would be so easy to find someone with the internet but  we have found that the South African records aren’t nearly as updated online as they are overseas! This mama is gonna have to rack her brains to be able to see what we can do! I did call the tourism offices where Granny was born  but they are still looking for me so will call them on Monday!

If you have any ideas, please do let me know!

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