Survival mode. What a concept. With the recession, it seems like everyone wants what someone else has. With a kid, it seems like you have more to look out for!

Before kids you would get out the car, lock and go. Now you have to   take little ones out of car seats, get the pram ready and pack the baby bag into the pram or over your arm, get your little one out while keeping an eye on your bag and keys in case someone else decides that they are pretty! This morning while dropping off Bella, two “interesting characters” walked past and before I even got out the car, I locked it again and made as if I was looking for something!  While getting Bella’s things together, another gangster looking chap walked past and Bella waved and smiled at him! Talk about not drawing attention to oneself!!! Insert mom with that rabbit caught in the headlight smile! Shit!

As you might have gathered, I am quite safety conscious and I like to know what is happening around me. I have therefore swapped my pretty black handbag, with all the pretty trimmings, and gotten myself a pretty satchel bag. It’s small but can hold all the important things I need so I don’t have to carry Bella, the baby bag and my massive bag and try to use my other hand to do things. I just pop my hand in and out comes what I need. It has also helped to combat the thought that someone can steal my bag while I’m not looking. To go and replace all my cards, drivers and I.D is something I don’t have time for! It is also so much easier to find things than in my old Mary Poppins bag and it keeps Bella busy with the zips and pouches if need be! There is also a nice little pouch inside with a zip to put headache tablets and things for Big People.

You also realise with kids that there are so many more dangers out there. I have caught a guy staring at Bella a little too long for my liking and when I looked him in the eye and glared at him, he went blood red and walked off very quickly. We also have to watch for snatching and stealing little ones. The person that tries that better realise that I will hurt him (putting it mildly) and then I will call my hubby and he better pray that he doesn’t come! But the reality is that it does happen and kids do run off in shops and get hurt. A friend of my moms, her 13 year old son was taken from the side of the road and still screams in terror daily due to the fact that they cut out his tongue and threw him out of the car and he has many broken bones.

So what is the morale of the story? Be vigilant, look around you at what is happening and don’t be a target or another victim! Know your emergency numbers make contacts on your phone with the word ICE next to it (in case of emergencies) so if something happens to you, paramedics know who to call. Be safe and look after yourself and your Little Miss and Little Mr. We are there guardians after all!

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