Yesterday I had to take Bella for a rather delayed vaccination and before the time I was really stressed out because I know with the other ones, that they really hurt and that she cried a lot! I told Bella on the way there that it might hurt and it was with great apprehension that I took her to the nurse. The nurse gave her a cookie and Bella sat on my lap, she wasn’t too impressed that I had pulled down her pants and moaned a bit about that. The nurse gave her another cookie, just in case, and while she was chomping on it, gave her the shot in her right leg while Mom stopped breathing. And nothing. Not a single tear, cry or moan! I was more stressed out than she was! Mom needed a shot and not the injection kind if you know what I mean.

On 29 September 2012 is South Africa’s first National Cupcake Day 4 Kids with Cancer, started by Cupcakes of HOPE to raise money for children with cancer.  This has made me think of all those moms and dads out there that have to take their children to Doctors and nurses everyday and often not just for shots but for lumber bunches and operations and far worse things. I have the outmost respect for them and I can only imagine how much strength and sheer will it must take not to show your children that you are scared and to be there for them, especially when they are very young and don’t really understand what is going on. I also think that the CANSA (the Cancer Association of South Africa) is amazing in raising money for these families and the various hospitals that they help to decorate etc.

So, to try to do my bit, I am going to buy cupcakes on Saturday at the various locations mentioned on the Cupcakes of Hope website  and though it might not be a lot, it is a lot to someone else!

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