She did what? How do they do that? I want to try that, mental note to keep that page. Yes there are some of the thoughts that go through my mind when I am reading a magazine. I love magazines especially ones with things that I can make or try to figure out how they made it so that I can make it! Of course I have my favourites like Cosmo, Your Baby and of course Ideas! I have a collection of Your Baby magazines dating from 2006 and although it’s not every issue, it is a nice big pile that gets lent to special people with strict instructions to bring it back in the same condition! So imagine my surprise when I was asked to review the new Supernova magazine for kids….insert big happy face!

Supernova is a magazine that is aimed at kids from around 8 to 16 and has all sorts of interesting things like puzzles, games and even some history on South Africa that is shown in a fun way! The content of the magazine is fun, informative and entertaining, it focuses on subjects such as ecology, history, sports, science, world cultures, arts and social issues. The issue that I received even has Pokémon cards in it and although I am 29, I still love that show! It also has things to make like salt crystals on string or how to make candles and had it been around when I was a kid, I would have bought it! The cartoons are modern and cute and would definitely be worthwhile reading! I think that it could keep someone busy for quite a while and would be brilliant for those raining days when you don’t have much to do! It’s also has great ideas that parents can try with their kids to keep them entertained and things that you can do with a child. I am definitely going to try some of them with Bella when she is older! Have a look at their website for more ideas!

So I am going to make a nice giveaway! You can win the first ever addition (collectable as it says on the cover) and the latest issue and to enter it is very easy! Like their Facebook page and tell them that Baby Bugs ‘n Berries sent you! Leave a comment on the blog post and if you refer a friend to like Baby Bugs ‘n Berries and the Supernova page, tell them to say you and Baby Bugs ‘n Berries sent you and  you will get an extra entry! Competition ends on Friday 14 December 2012 and then I will post them off to you so that hopefully they arrive in time for Christmas!

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