Today was my birthday and I had one of the most amazing birthdays that I have had in a while. I took the say off work, was pampered, and went for coffee with friends and supper with Bella and co. yes a few other things in between but the day was so amazing! I had over 100 people say “Happy Birthday” on Facebook and leave me wonderful messages. I received calls and watsup messages; some people changed their bb statuses to pictures of me and wrote the loveliest things about me. And I realised that the saying is true, “What you feel on the inside will start to show on the outside”. I am happy! I really am happy at the moment and yes I have a day or two where I get frustrated but I am actually starting to really enjoy life again! I went shopping today with vouchers from this birthday and the last one and bought myself things that in the past I would have thought and though and thought about. I found the perfect pair of jeans that sit like a glove and my small bum even fits and there is no “poep-vanger” at the back! I have made so many new memories and people are commenting on how I look, more carefree and sexier! I’m depending on me for my own happiness and finding sides of me that were asleep for some time! I don’t mind being alone! I can go to the movies by myself and eat popcorn and not have a care in the world for that time that I am in the theatre.

My daughter and I are bonding on so many levels and she is drawing the most amazing little pictures for me and we laugh more. I am seeing things from a different perspective and seeing so many things clearly for the first time. I am proud of what I have achieved. Today I feel 31 and I survived 30 and the bullshit that I went through.  Watch this space, there is going to be so many new developments that it might make your head spin!

I am a Queen, I got this shit handled!

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