I asked Rick (my hubby) this morning if he would mind if my daughter wore nappies for the rest of her life and the look that he gave me is very similar to the one that is on your face at the moment! The reason that I asked him is that Bella is being potty trained and it really isn’t easy at all!

The since this venture has begun, getting dressed in the mornings is no longer the 10 minute affair it used to be, it now includes a fight to have her panty put on (me) instead of a nappy (her) and as she is quite stubborn, I really have to bite on my teeth to not blow my lid at her! “Happy Place, Happy Place”! That I can still handle but my main worry is the shops.

Shops? What do I mean? Well before all you had to keep in mind was that there might be a tantrum due to wanting sweets or a toy or something of that nature, now I have to worry about spillage too if she wets herself!! Where is the nearest toilet, how the hell do I clean the floor and her and if I get covered in it, what am I going to wear??? These are all the questions that come with potty training! Her baby bag is a mass of extra clothes and panties now and to be honest, I nearly didn’t take her with me to the shop yesterday for the above mentioned reasons but she actually did really well. We left the shop with no mess or fuss except for the two dolls that she “sneaked” into my trolley and that had to come home with us!

We are using the Reward System so when she pees in the potty, she gets a sticker on the chart that I made her. I have also put it below so that you can also use it should you want to. I just popped it in a Word documents, colour printed it and laminated it so that I can reuse it as much as I can. Someone told me that it is all psychological and that I should hid the nappies and tell her I only have 1 left and show only that one to her. Hmm there are so many different ways and tricks and I think that I am going to have to investigate this further. Heck, there is a place in Joburg that guarantees that they can potty train your child in four hours which sounds amazing and makes me want to take a road trip there! Hmm there must be something on Google that works out the same?

Wish us luck and if you have any tips, please let me know!


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