Bella’s birthday is in 6 weeks and she will be turning 2! I really don’t know where the time has gone and how my little princess has grown up so quickly! So this brings me to the next topic: her birthday party!

Last year we just had one at home with friends and family and although the guest would never have known it, there were quite a few hiccups with it before they arrived. Now I am generally speaking, a spontaneous person who likes to see what happens but with some things I like to plan and make sure that everything runs pretty smoothly. Her 1st birthday had some planning but due to um unforeseen circumstances, some things didn’t go quite the way they were meant to (hint: birthday cake) and being the sentimental soul that I am (weird that way) I ended up in the kitchen with bright rimmed eyes to match the ladybird cake I was trying to decorate.

Queue another year on and I have started to plan her 2nd birthday. After many countless hours of thinking and working out scenarios in my head, I have come up with the final decision that the theme will be owls’ .Hey, in a few years I won’t be able to choose her theme and she will tell me what to do so I might as well do it now! Some people have said that the parties are just mainly for the kids and to be honest, we don’t do the Santa or the Christmas tree thing so Easter and Birthdays are really big in my books. Come to think of it we don’t do Valentine’s Day either as to me it is a money making scheme but that’s another topic for another day. So to summaries, yes, I will go a bit mad on her birthday. But and there is a big BUT here, it isn’t going to be one that is going to cost an arm and a leg, no way! We are going to make the cake and cookies ourselves, email the invites as it is environmentally cheaper and everyone looks at their email everyday and I am going to make cute party packs that are not going to cost a fortune! This is a cheapy mom here!  I also want to have it in a pretty garden and make bunting and make it look all girly! This might take a bit more planning as I don’t have that much garden at home! But as they say, not planning is planning to fail and this birthday it is going to be amazing for both of us!

If you have any ideas, please let me know, leave a comment or any tips too!

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