Have you ever had one of those Monday mornings where you are getting ready to take your kid to school and as you start walking to the car you realise that today there is a birthday party at school and oh s@#$ but you haven’t gotten a present? You remember the reminder that went off on your phone on the weekend, the one that you pushed “dismiss” for and the fleeting moment that you thought about it and then did nothing. I had one of those today and back into the house to try to find if there was anything out that I could give!! After accepting defeat that there was nothing, I started thinking of plans to go and buy presents after work or trying to make a plan to get something there in time for the party!

When I arrived at school there was a sign announcing the birthday and my heart sank into my shoes! What now? I confessed that I had forgotten to get one to which I was told that it wasn’t my turn to buy a present and felt my heart slowly climb back into its place! I had forgotten that the school has a great policy that each parent has a turn to buy a present for a child so that we don’t have to buy for each child and it works out more expensive for the parents!

This has made me realise that I need a board or something to put the notices on so that this doesn’t happen again. One that I will be forced to look at every day and not forget. Also I will now get something so that I can always have something should this ever occur again but that it will not go to Bella and stay closed until it is needed! I can hear what you are thinking “Good luck with that one” but I will try my hardest   not to give it to her! Now to go and get the present!

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