Today two things happened to me that have changes my perspectives/perspective on so many things and I believe that they could not have come at a better time. The one involved cousins of mine that I saw today who are here due to the most horrific situation that they found themselves in and another was 3 quotes that I read.

Their situation was of life and death and as I looked at their children I realised how silly and trivial some things that have been happening in my life have been. I am a firm believer in that people come into your life for a reason and go again when they have fulfilled their purposes. These two showed me exactly that! I think that God sent them to teach me a lesson and boy oh boy am I listening!

The other was 3 quotes that I read and to tell you the truth, once I had read them, it was like a light bulb had gone on. I didn’t realise what they meant at first but once I read them again, it was like they were burned into my memory.  They made me realise a few things and I think that I have a few more things to think about but wow! I needed them! For the past few weeks I have been feeling like something is going to happen but could not put my finger on it. Each day has had me looking and wondering what it is that date is because something is going to happen and maybe today, 21 December 2013 is exactly that day!

I am so looking forward to the New Year and I can’t wait for the new things that are going to happen. Change is good and well I can tell you everything, rest assured that 2014 will not be a repeat of 2013. Keep an eye out for my “to do list”, you might be surprised!

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