You might not know this about me but I have a secret addiction. Ok maybe I should add an S onto the end of that and rephrase. Secret addictions! Now before you get all worried, they are not drug or alcohol related or anything that can hurt anyone else but my wallet and make you question my sanity! Here they are in no particular order…

I have a thing for cute owls, the kinds in cartoons and on picture books, not the real feathers and claw kinds. You won’t know it by looking at me as I don’t have any thing that I have on me (international shipping fees are meanies) but I have started to spread it to Bella’s room with her duvet and the whole “theme” of her room which is owls. With her birthday coming up I am also slightly inclined to make it owl themed, well how many parties have you seen based on owls? I’ve never!

My other addiction that I make sure to pack far away in the crevice of my heart is my thing for shoes. Now those in the know will be standing with mouths hanging open but it’s true, my little heart goes gaga for shoes but I hardly ever buy them because when I do spend my money (hubby calls me a cheapskate) it is on the Perfect pair and not the 101 other ones that caught my eye.

My other silly addiction is my addition to DIY and crafts. I love redecorating things in my head and I have so many ideas for things to make but finding the time to do it is another thing. I have an eye on my next project and it will be done…soon.

Some would ask “What about your loves for Pucca or for Soap & Glory but these are so hard to find to find in South Africa. My love for Hello Kitty has never gone away and Bella has many Hello Kitty items in her room and wardrobe and I was in labour with her in a Hello Kitty PJ! With Pinterest there are so many sites that I have found that sell these things but with the exchange rate, they are very pricey!

Well now you know my secret, it is out there in cyber space and will be stored away for some other person with a secret addition to find! 🙂

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