They say enjoy your kids while they are young because one day you will turn around and they will be all grown up. Today I could not agree more with that statement as I am feeling nostalgic about Bella. In less than a month’s time she will be turning two and my little baby won’t be a baby anymore but a little girl. Having not seen her for three days last week, I can see the difference in her height as well as her face and exactly what it is that everyone has being saying about how big she is getting! I also took out some of Bella’s baby clothes for my sister and it was scary to see how small she was and how at the time that she wore the clothes, they seemed so big! She is also doing potty training and not wearing a nappy during the day and this shows me she’s not a little baby anymore! Oh and her telling me she is one! I told hubby that pretty soon we won’t have to look at the baby catalogues for her anymore!

Strange thing is I don’t get freaked out by her playing with make-up or doing things that are older than she is but birthdays seem to be a weird thing. I remember holding her when she was born and thinking “What the hell do I do now” and the hard time we had when she was born in the hospital. I remember her saying “Mama” and walking for the first time and the look on her face as she watched the washing blowing in the wind while I hung it up. I love thinking of how she asks her daddy now for a cuddle and kissing me “Good Morning” or our special little insider sayings or tickling each other.

Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t always been sunshine and roses and at times the three of us have had it pretty rough. There have been times that I have locked myself in the bathroom and though that I have had it with them and they can go sort themselves out! But then I remember that it’s new to them too and that something that seem obvious to one, doesn’t always seem so to the other and Bella is often just testing the boundaries like her daddy.

A lot of people have been asking when the second one is coming and after watching Bella this week with her cousin Skylah, I think she might be ready to have a brother or sister although if you ask her she says she doesn’t want one! God and time will tell whether we have another little addition but for now, Mom is going to finish up the things for her 2nd birthday party, spend as much time with her as my sanity will allow and go from there!

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