My little girl is growing up so fast and I can see her change and learn new things everyday like our little “Happy Dance” that we worked on and now do together. Father’s Day started off as a very hard day for me as I felt so bad that my little girl would not be having a family like all those people around her. Daddy’s picking up their children and playing was a bit hard at first but I made a choice and decided that I will make special memories for the two of us. I will make sure that no matter what happens, she will have as normal life as she possibly can. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want it and I could see the confusion on her little face when she looked up at me and asked “Why is my Daddy not here?” I calmly gave her a big hug, kissed her lots and explained to her that he was at his new house and could not come out with us. I made sure that we had a jam packed weekend, went to the markets where she got to play in the mud with her toes as she wanted to take her shoes off and I let her as she is only young once. We went to a children restaurant/play area and she got to play on the obstacles and now loves that word. A little boy was nasty to her and told her to go away. She came to me and looked all down and I asked what was wrong. She told me that he had told her to go away. I told her her mommy says she can be there and if he is nasty to her, to tell him that her mommy said it was fine and he must not be nasty to her. She smiled and went back and played. She learnt to stand up for herself and I saw her telling him a thing or two. My favourite part of the weekend must have looked so silly to people around us but I made one of my most favourite new memories of the two of us. I decided to start training for the Impi Challenge that I am going to do, a 12km obstacle course race and this couch potato isn’t fit! Got B into her pram, she wanted Teddy to go with so he climbed in with her and we went for a walk along the roads. At one point I started alternating between running from one lap pole to another and then walking. Our hair was blowing from running, had my music blaring and B just kept saying “Run Mommy run!” We laughed so hard every time I ran and we sang along the way and we made our own new memories. I would not swop that for the world and when I do feel bad, I think of these amazing new experiences that the two of us are discovering. B and I are closer than we have ever been and yes there are days when she drives me crazy with tantrums or “clash of wills” but I would not swop her for the world.  We just have to be there for each other and make a new world for us.  Just keep explaining and being as honest as I can for her without hurting her, she is too little to understand everything. That is all I can do really! Be there and make some more crazy memories! Bring it!

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