Not everyone is millionaires and nor are we all super rich but this has lead me to wondering: can one can still make meals for R20 and under? So I took up the challenge and started looking around for meals. Hence the birth of Monday R20 Meal!

I like shopping at different places as you can get amazing bargains, if you know how to look. Checkers, for example, always sell their products that are just about at their sell by date after 6pm at night! I have bought bags of veggies that are marked down to R10 for cauliflower and broccoli, or R5 for a punnet of cut up mixed peppers! You might struggle to find a whole one for that price! If I don’t plan on using them that night, I pop them in the deep freezer and then I can use them when I need them. I love buying garlic bread like this as I pay R11 for one and when I have an impromptu braai, they work like a charm.

I love soup and we can eat it all the time in our house!Here is a recipe for soup that can feed 4-5 people (depending on how big your pot is of course). If you want some more recipes, have a look at my Pinterest Board Soup Recipes:


One packet of soup mix (R16-R18 at Checkers)

Chicken stock cube

Salt and pepper to taste


If the veggies aren’t cut up or peeled, peel and cut them up into small pieces.

Put the veggies in the pot and add hot water to the pot as far as is safe.

Add salt and pepper and the stock cube

Cook until veggies are done. Put the veggies into a blender or hand held blender and blend until the vegies are fine.

This takes about 20 minutes and is yummy! If you want it thicker, put some flour into a cup, add some hot water with it and mix it.

Voila! Soup ready and under R20!

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