If you read my previous post you would see that I am on a weight loss mission. I have NEVER eaten so many fruit and veggies in my life or made so many choices on what I should put into my mouth! 33 is around the corner and I hope to be a sexier mama by then. In the past year I have dropped two pants sizes so it can be done! I won’t lie, I can’t stop thinking about a packet of chutney Simba chips but then I think of how long you have to work it off via training and then it just isn’t worth it! Sigh

On to the meal for the day. I also noticed that most of the meals are great for Meat Free Monday..extra bonus lol!

The meal is slightly adapted from a recipe by an amazing person: Merinda


Merinda’s Tuna pasta

Serves 2-4 people

Ingredients to buy

1 can of tuna in water

1 packet of pasta

Ingredients from your cupboard:

1 onion

1 tsp mixed herbs

Pinch of salt

5 tbsMayonnaise or tomato puree

How to:

  1. Cook the pasta as per the instructions on the packet (I put mine in a bowl with hot water, salt and pop it in the microwave for 10 minutes so I can do other things as well)
  2. chop up the onion finely
  3. drain the water from the tuna
  4. Drain the water from the pasta once it is cooked
  5. Add all the ingredients together
  6. Voila serve!

Checkers is currently having a special on tuna (R11.95) and pasta (R7.99) so it have a look out for that J

I still need attempt to make baby marrow pasta as with the banting recipes but that will come with time. We already eat cauliflower rice instead of normal rice and it makes me feel a hell of a lot better!

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