Bella has always had a love of music and watching the looks of amazement while listening to the Major for Minors Classical Lullabies made me smile and she was relaxed.

Major for Minors has 13 wonderful CD’s with a wide variety of classical music and they even have a CD on well known Afrikaans songs! There are CDs ranging from Lullabies to Nursery Rhymes to Baroque for Babies! As mentioned I listened to the Classical Lullabies and it was absolutely lovely! It has lullabies that I know as well as Brahms Lullaby and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Bella loved the music and when she woke up the next morning, asked me to listen to the music again! She even gave up Mickey Mouse Club for the music which is a big deal! I would definitely recommend it to anyone out there!

Major for Minors effects

Each of the CDs have been proven to have a calming effect on babies and children, almost like “Ocean sounds” and Majors for Minors worked with Dr Annette Lotter (BA-Ed, B-Ed, M-Ed, D-Ed (RAU), Organisational Specialist (SHL) who did research on the music and found  that the music helped to reduce hyper activity and sleep disorders in babies and children! As a parent, you will probably agree with me that sleep is very important in any household! I plan on using it on our upcoming roadtrip!

One of the nice things about their website  is that you can listen to tracks from the different CDs online. Almost like a “try before you buy”! Using PayPal you can buy their CDs from their website (insert hyperlink) and you will receive a link to download your CD. Alternatively y you can buy them at one of the following online places: or in their respective stores. They make wonderful gifts for friends that are pregnant or have kids!

Now we have a competition that you can enter for two lucky winners to each win a downloadable CD of your choice from Majors for Minors. To enter you need to like their Facebook Page  as well as Baby Bugs ‘n Berries and share the page to as many people as you can! Competition ends on the 28 September 2012 and the winner will be announced on the 1 October 2012.

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