Many people don’t know this but I lived in the UK for two years and while I was there I fell in love with this company called Lush that sells the most amazing fresh handmade bath balls, perfumes, face treatments like masks and shower gels that will make you want to jump up and down like a kid! My bestie and I loved  their stuff so much that we have a “standing order” with anyone we know who goes to UK to bring some things back for us. When we went to Dubai last night, one of my only “to see places” was to go the Lush shop in the one mall and I had to really restrain myself or I would have bought everything in the shop. The exchange rate helped with that.

And then I heard the most amazing news and got on the phone to call my bestie! Yes, Lush was coming to Cape Town and had opened a shop in the V&A Mall! Yes, Lush South Africa was here! Lord have mercy my poor heart nearly gave in! Of course I had to arrange a trip to go there to see what they had and hubby had to restrain me from jumping up and down like a banshee. I was so surprised as the prices are very reasonable and with the variety of things that they have, can easily fit into most people’s budgets.

The best thing about their products is that they are fresh and use wonderful ingredients in their products. The Ballistics or bath balls always come with surprises that make bath time really interesting. My favourite two balls did just that! The one released pink glitter into the bath as it fizzed and the other had hearts in it so my bath water was filled with little confetti hearts and rose petals! How romantic is that? Their solid perfumes are wonderful with my favourite being the Gorilla Perfume Vanilla which makes you smell really yummy! My new shower gel that I tried is called Snowflake and hubby says I smell like candyfloss when I wear it and he just wants to eat me up! They also have wonderful freshly made face masks for just about everything and you can also buy pieces of intricate soaps that are every colour that you can think of! They even have powders that can be used for lips, tints for cheeks and eye shadow!


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Lush goodies are also great for presents, if you are willing to share! So do yourself a favour and go to the Lush  South Africa shop at the V&A Waterfront! Have a look at them on Facebook  as well!  You will not regret it!

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