I’m sitting writing this with a steaming mug of coffee, imaginary matchsticks in my eyes and Lollos playing in the background. It’s not too bad except for the fact that its 5:40am on a Thursday morning and I went to bed at 23:00 and was up from 2:30-4:30 with a toddler.

We have taken away B’s night time bottle so that she goes to sleep without one and if she wakes during the night, she also doesn’t get one. This went reasonably well the first night but tonight was the third night and I can honestly tell you I was ready to give that bottle over but I stuck my ground and just hung in there. I can understand how she feels so I’m not giving her too much grief about it. it has been her source of comfort, the one thing she can count on when she goes to sleep and while I have done it in a very gentle and peaceful way and she was excited to be a “Big Girl”, I can understand how this must be making her all confused. Her dad is also on a business trip so I had to listen to her sob for her daddy for 20 minutes at a time while she went through the list of things to get out of bed and not go back to sleep.  Eventually after trying every trick in the book, I told her I was going to close my eyes and go to fairy land and eat donuts there and this seemed to calm her. She seemed to drift off and so did I!

I woke up at 5:25am, got out of her bed, walked down the passage and into my bed and started to get warm and cuddly. 5:30am Bella starts to call me and came into my room demanding to know what I was doing! I have a sneaky suspicioun that I may have been snoring cause I was so tired, apparently I am good at that, and the lack of noise must have woken her up. And so here I sit with my blanket around my knees like an old lady, dreaming of the extra hour of sleep that I could have had and if I put my head down or close my eyes for too long I may disappear into that blissfull sleep that everyone else is currently having!


love abbi

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