Hubby went away for business last night and to be honest although I missed him terribly, I think it was nice for him to have some time to himself , for Bella and I to have some alone time and of course for mama to have a little pamper time when B had gone to bed!

Of course this was after I had cleaned the house and made sure that it was ready for the next lot of people that are coming to view it tonight!  We are moving out of our flat at the end of the month and had to find someone to take over our lease so it has been slightly nerve racking as we have 21 days to do it in and they are getting less and less! Someone has applied and has been given 80% approval but now it depends on the owner but I am praying that she gets approved!  Once she is approved I can start to relax and then start on the wonderful mission that is of course packing! I have started uhm planning to do it but with less than 14 days until the move, I suppose that I should get off my bottom and actually start to do something! Oh happy days!

But back to the pampering thing I actually wanted to say! Sorry, just had salmon sashimi for lunch and it slightly distracted me!  What I did want to say is that sometimes having a little pamper time is good for you and the fact that I got to watch The Vow without any complaints was even better although that movies makes me feel slightly teary and could have done with a nice cuddle afterwards! I think that I should make some more time for this and try not to make it once in a blue moon! Bella loved her pamper as we had a big bath filled with bubbles and nice smelling stuff after I let her put a Lush bath ball in! I want to try to teach her to treat herself and I suppose that I should be a good example of this (I write this with my tongue in cheek of course). Anyway mama will get there eventually!

Now off to go and stalk our rental agent to find out what is happening!

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