As winter starts to approach, my hands start to form this odd shape and seem to come together all the time. Yes, you guess it; I am a Knitter!

I have always been creative and have enjoyed making and decorating things like bead necklaces and candles with things inside them. While living in the UK, I used to get bored with watching t.v all the time and so decided to find something to create as well as keep me busy. Queue in the world of knitting and needle work!

Head band that I made Bella









I have made scarves (too many to count) and hats of all shapes and designs i.e. pixie hats with tassels as well but my real “inspiration” came when I found out I was pregnant with Bella. A new person to knit for and there are so many cute things out there for little girls!! So my search on Google started and I knitted a jersey, a pullover, Mary-Jane Booties and a pretty shrug for her  to wear! My poor little hands where like a T-Rex’s hands but they were completed!I do love to knit hats and have so many pretty designs that I am itching to try out but regretfully Bella doesn’t like things on her head! Oh well, I will have to find something else for her. I have also promised my hubby for the last 3 years that I will knit a jersey for him but he is so fussy so not sure which pattern to even start with for him.

Penguin to “Bedazzle” her plain top!








Let the search begin! If you know of a stunning pattern, do let me know! I will let you know how the item comes out! heehee

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