Dear Isabella

This is a letter that your mom is writing to you so that if you ever have a dislike to your name, you can know why you are called Isabella.

I had a dream when I was 12 years old that a little girl with blonde curly hair and blue eyes came and told me that if I ever have her, I must call her Isabella. Your daddy knew before we were even dating that if I ever have a girl, that that is what your name will be. Most people think that is has to do with Ms Stephanie Meyer and her whole Twilight Series but alas it does not. When the gynae said that I need to go for IVF to have you and you eventually came by yourself, we found out the meaning of your name which is “God’s promise”. I think someone was trying to tell us something?

In case you ever need some back up and you are feeling low about yourself, think of all the powerful women in history that share the same name as you and never doubt that you are made of the same powerful stuff. There is Isabella of Spain who was Queen over Castille and did many great things. There was Isabella of Portugal  and though most people don’t know it, Isabella is the Spanish term for the name Elizabeth. Everyone knows what amazing woman Queen Elizabeth 1 and Queen Elizabeth 2 have been!   A version of your name is even used for Hurricane Isabel! As I mentioned before you are named in the series Twilight but you are also named in Shakespeare’s ‘Measure for Measure’, Jane Austen’s ‘Northanger Abbey’ and Emily Bronte’s ‘Wuthering Heights! Oh and we mustn’t forget Isabella Rossellini, the famous actress and model!

I can see your strong personality developing and never doubt that both mommy and daddy will always be there protects and watches over you! Little Bella as they say, go forth and conquer!

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