Its 1am and I have been sitting making things for Bella’s party. This made me start to think of my mom and all the amazing things that she has done for my sister and I over the years! Since becoming a mom, I have realised how important it is to be acknowledged now and then for all your effort, sacrifice and lack of sleep. Also just what little shits my sister and I were when we were younger!

I remember as a kid that sometimes I would forget to tell my mom I needed things for school like cakes for the cake sale or a specific colour skirt for photo day. I would usually remember right when it was time to go to bed or some silly time when it was most inconvenient  for my mom to actually do anything about it but somehow she always did find a way that I would go to school with whatever I needed.  Don’t ask me how she did it because this was the time before 7-11 and those types of chain stores! Hmm that does make me feel a bit old though.

My mom has installed in me many of the things that I do with Bella now like a love for singing, cuddles and hugs. I have also taken her love for sewing and making things and while she often ends up helping me sew the big things, my mom has always believed and encouraged me to try and then ask for help.  This I now encourage in Bella and she now tells me that she wants to try things too which I let her.

My mom not only helps us but many others around her and has always brought Jess and I up to do charity and to always lend a hand as it could be you that a tragedy happens to.  While this has led to some interesting times in the past, it is a vital part of who I am today.

All in my entire mom is my guiding light and I love her with all my heart!  Mom’s are special, have you told your mom that she is special today?



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