I have a problem.

Well now that it’s out there I will elaborate. It consist of one little word…Summer!

Although I was pretty good this winter I still managed to somehow get an extra kilo or two! This is mainly due to the fact that at my new job I sit most of the time and at my previous job I ran around like a banshee! Now there is nothing wrong with a kilo or two but we all know the summer is about shorts and cute tops and looking hot!

Since the 1 September I’ve been on the 21 Day Challenge which is no carbs and no sugar in your system. Yes ok so I have cheated a few times but overall I’ve managed to be pretty good! I feel a hell of a lot better, have more energy and when I do cheat, I feel gagga afterwards! I’ve also started to incorporate coconut oil into my diet and it has worked wonders on my little “winter pouch”. In the mornings I now have a smoothie and I’m trying to be healthy. It also helps that 98% of the people in my office are on diets.

Let me set the scene and you tell me if this is normal. It’s a birthday party at work with THE most amazing spreads of koeksisters, milk tart (gulp), muffins, cupcakes and an amazing looking chocolate cream ganache cake. Some people had a snack or two but by the next day the snacks were still left displayed on the table. Some of them started to disappear..but that blasted cake sat there and looked at me. Every time I walked past it, it whistled at me. Called my name. Who in their mind leaves a chocolate cake where I can see it. I ignored it for a while. I acted like it didn’t exist. Then a colleague had a giant piece and I thought of all the children in Ethiopia who would never have this opportunity and it is bad to waste food! I.ATE.A PIECE and I LOVED it! And then felt like crap afterwards! But at least I didn’t waste food heehee.

I love dancing but I was not put on this earth to be a fitness fanatic. I am a couch potatoe and it is taking some motivation to do the whole aerobics thing. So I am doing Zumba to make it more fun, putting my smoothies in martini glasses to make em look pretty and doing little things to trick my mind into the fact that it isn’t healthy…its pretty. That is my theory and I am sticking to it! I am also going to take part this weekend in a Zumba class that is going to be held in a underground parking lot at the local mall…baby steps! I have an attention span of a goldfish when it comes to exercise so if it isn’t fun or a challenge I aint gonna do it!

Wish me luck, so far I am down 2kg and a couple of cm! I’ve set myself the challenge that I need to loose 5kg by the end of the month! I have a treat that I am going to buy myself if I can achieve it! I’ve cut out a picture of it and it is on my bedroom mirror to motivate me! Gulp.

If you have any suggestions, mail me or leave a comment! Any help will do!

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