Oh little blog space how I have missed you! Having been on holiday in the a place with internet signal that makes an tortoise seem fast, I gave up writing so that I could save my sanity and not destroy the dongle from banging it against the wall.

Today is the 1 January 2013 and I can’t believe that we are in 2013 already! Happy New Years to you and your family! I hope it’s a fab one! Like everyone around me I too have made New Year’s Resolutions and while I eat my salt and vinegar chips and drink my vodka and coke, I can already draw a thin line, in pencil, in one of my resolutions which is to lose weight. Yes that’s right; I cheated on my New Year’s Resolutions. I’m actually just going to reschedule it to start on Monday so that it starts on a right note and not in the middle of the week. I don’t know about you but these holidays and Christmas time have added extra “baggage” for me to take into the New Year and how I wish now that I didn’t have that trifle or chocolate mousse.  Thing is that one doesn’t think of those things (I’m not a normal pudding eater) at the time and when other people cook you yummy food that you don’t normally make for yourself, it’s hard to say no!

The start of the New Year and the end of the holidays also means that I have to face up to realities and start sorting out my life so that by 5 Jan everything will be in place and arranged. Catching up on emails and sorting out posts and all the general nitty gritty parts of life. This is one of my New Year’s Resolutions and it won’t take that long to do but always good to have a deadline date so that it gets done! Someone actually asked me what I want to do this year and while I have quite a few ideas running through the grey matter in my head, I should eventually put them on paper so that I can add them to my goal chart on my wall and “do them”. I find that I actually do things if I am reminded about them visually so made a cool chart from one that I found on Pinterest.

I start work this week again and while I might not struggle so much as I have been up most mornings between 05:30-06:30 with Bella who doesn’t understand that Mommy wants to sleep late, I am definitely going to miss my hubby and spending time with Bella. Things will go back to routine and school etc and to be honest I am slightly sad about that as I would love to spend more time with Bella during the week during unroutine things. Big hug to all the other moms and dads out there that are going back to work, I feel your pain!

Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions?  Feel free to let me know!

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