As you have probably gathered from my other posts, education is very high on my list. I want Bella to have the best education that she can have and also have manners at the same time. We have been reading books to her since she was little and I love talking so I followed some advice on the net that suggested to just keep talking to her about everything that I do, even if it is trivial. Now like me, she hardly stops talking!

The thing is, sometimes I have no idea what the new words are that she is saying and I must admit it does take some patience to figure out what it is that she is saying sometimes. For example, while driving the other day she said “Ees” and I said all the words I thought she was saying and she kept saying no until I looked in the mirror and realised she was pointing out the windscreen at trees! She can’t see into my mouth and so I’ve realised that she can’t see how to pronounce some of the words and so says them as she hears them. I must admit that it has led to some funny incidents because she often repeats the last word that you say and sometimes I don’t realise that she is listening and I have mentioned a swear word or two! A quick save was when she repeated a word I said and I told her it was sit and not the word with the h in it.

According to the miles stones I have read and seen on the net, Bella is meant to say 20-50 words at her current age of twenty months but two months ago we made a list of all the words she says and we stopped counting at 200 words as this is what she should be saying at 24 months. This has freaked some of our friends out as their children don’t say as many words and I have seen a panicked look on moms with kids the same age when Bella starts having chats with their kids and the kids just look at her and they can only say the words that they are meant to at their age.
So here are some tips that I learnt to help your child to talk more. Please note that this is only on my observations and that I don’t have any scientific merit in it, only trial and error:

Talk to your little one as much as possible and tell them what you are doing even if it is just washing the dishes. They might not seem like they are paying attention to you but they will hear the words and their brains will store the words and remember them. Point out trees and buses and trains and everything that is around you.

Start reading books to them at a young age, everything from magazines to picture books to road signs so that this encourages their vocabulary

Invite friends or family over so that they can speak to other people as well and they might teach them different words that you don’t think of or point out things that might seem trivial to you

Put them in a good school or crèche where education is very important and the school focuses on that. We have been very blessed to have found Bella a school that cares for the kids and really aims at teaching them things on an individual and group basis.

When you are driving and have your little one in the car, point things out and tell them what they are seeing.

Take your child to as many different places as possible so that they can learn new animals, see plants etc. A pet shop is great to learn about new animals and is free. You don’t need to take them to expensive places, kids can learn anywhere! Buses and trains are also amazing for them to go on an s they discover the new sensations and take in their surroundings.

Try to encourage manners in your child by saying “Please, thank you, it’s a pleasure” and more and if they don’t say it when it is needed, say it for them and ask them to repeat it so that they get into the habit of saying it. It can be a bit of a struggle at first but if you persevere, you will get amazing results.

The most important thing that I have learnt and is the one tip that I would suggest using as much as possible; interact and talk to your child as much as possible. I know that this can be hard if you are working and get home and you are tired, but in the long run, spending that extra little time with them can make a big difference! If you know of any other tips that have worked for you, please do let me know! As they say, “Every little tip counts”! 

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