So I asked my friend Lauren from The How to Blog to be my Guest Blogger to give me some fashion advice especially since I don’t always have a lot of time and to give me some tips on what to wear etc ūüėČ Here’s what she said!


Alright. Now let’s talk fashion.

The absolute best item I have ever bought was this right here…

I am so in love with this black blazer. I guess you could say it’s the Jack to my Rose (Titanic reference). It is the fastest way to dress up any outfit, and you can wear pretty much anything with it. Look at all these different shirts I’ve worn with it- a black blazer seriously goes with anything…

I bought this blazer from Forever 21 and the best part- it was only $20! Such a good deal considering I wear it 1-2 times every week. AND I’ve already done two fashion posts with this article of clothing since I bought it, check it out…

Link to post here


Link to post here

Now here are some basic wardrobe essentials every girl should have. The following articles can be mixed and matched into tons of different outfits and are great “go to” articles.

When it comes to layers I recommend:

1. Patterned cardigan-I wear this allll the time to work, not only does it add contrast, but style too. (Target $25)

2. A couple different color cardigans, if it’s a little chilly outside just put one on, it can also add so much to an outfit. (Target $20 each)

3. The beloved blazer. Seriously. Can’t go wrong with this one. ¬†(Forever 21 $20)

1. Plain gray shirt (wear this all the time-when I just want to be comfy, at home, to work, everywhere). My favorite outfit is this gray shirt under my blazer with a chunky pearl necklace and jeggings. Love, love, love. (Target $8)
2. Plain white t-shit, goes with anything and is such an easy choice! (Target $8)
3. Horizontal strips, not only is this a super fashionable piece these days, but horizontal stripes are adorable. I love wearing that shirt with my red cardigan. (Gap $25)
4. Anything floral is always adorable. (Forever 21 $22)


1. Dark blue jeggings. Look absolutely perfect with boots, boot cuffs, and a peacoat. (Hollister $40ish)

2. Black jeggings-go with everything, I swear! (American Eagle $46)

3. Khaki pants, mine just happen to be corduroy…I will always love corduroy.¬†Haters gonna hate. (Hollister $60 but I have another pair of Khakis from Target which were much cheaper)

4. White jeans. Fashionable, delicate, lovely. My favorite pants in the summer time. (Gap $50)


1. Black (Ross $12)

2. Khaki (Ross $12)

3. White (Plato’s Closet $6)

4. Flowy-floral is always a great choice (Forever 21 $14)


1. Basic pair of ballet flats (Famous Footwear $32)

2. Casual boots (Nordstrom Rack $40)

3. Wedged pair of boots for fancy occasions (Forever 21 $22)

4. Slip ons (Zumiez $40ish)

5. High heels- neutral or nude (Clarks $100, Birthday present)



-Only a week and a half left of this semester then we are Washington bound!  

-Every time I get a new follower my eyes get all wide and I excitedly text the hubs. The convo usually goes a little something like this…

Me:”64!”…”82!”…”87!” etc.

Hubs: You’re doin it babe! You’re on the way to stardom…

(love that [sarcastic] guy of mine)


-Reading all the birth stories of my favorite famous bloggers while Josh was working until midnight. Yep, bawled my eyes out. Might have been because Christmas music was playing in the background, and that brings al sorts of emotions. But was probably because I’m a sentimental softy like that. And some people are just such good dang writers, they know exactly how to pull at your heart strings. No wonder they’re famous.
-Realized when I make hot chocolate in our little microwave that the perfect amount of time is 1 minute and 52 seconds, I now only take my drink at that temperature.
-Wore ballet flats for the last time this semester. Upon my arrival to class my shoes had little puddles in them and my toesies were as white as Edward Cullen’s bony bod. Sad day.

And for all of you blog readers who haven’t visited my site yet, here’s my hubs and I. Each post is filled with quirky and humorous stories about our wonderful life and lots of fashion ideas and tips.¬†

Remember you can catch my blog here! 


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