This mama is going on a date today with a guy that I have never met but been speaking to for a while. I am so flipping excited, nervous and going through so many emotions as this is the first date with a “normal” guy that I am going on in over 8 years!

Last night was a scurry of dying hair, plucking, filing, face masks and what seems like a 100 other things that we girls do! Today I have just about thrown out my whole wardrobe, got dressed what seems a million times to find the right outfit and finely found “The Outfit” that is sexy, doesn’t look like I’ve made too much effort but just enough , the right shoes (thank you shoe fetish friends) and the peanut gallery says I look hot! Ok so now I just have to breathe and be “normal”.

This is one of those times that I wish I had read all those articles in Cosmo about single girls and dating, but I never had the need to! I did read through this month’s addition again, just as a refresher but how the hell am I supposed to be all “cool calm and collected”.  The dating game is so much different from when I started! Shit! Now a day’s people meet in random ways and I am starting to think this is one of them! What if I don’t get along with him or he turns out to be really creepy!?

Taking a deep breath, thinking of this as an adventure and hey, I get to drink yummy coffee and meet someone new. I’m not thinking long term here or that we gonna get married or anything, it’s just coffee! But he is cute and 33 so he can’t be too creepy? Right? He seems normal! I am laughing out loud at myself as I write this. After all, what is the worst that can happen? I like him and go for another coffee/dinner/movie or I don’t, write it off as experience and learn from it!

Well, I am off to go and get dressed, will be meeting him soon so can’t be late! Been working on my times lately so not as late with things as I used to be. Wish me luck and hold thumbs! I am a hot mama and I can do this! Breathe in and out! hehehehehehe

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