On a Saturday morning at the crack of dawn, waking up isn’t that much fun, especially if it involves a 2 year old who is wide awake and has no chances of going back to sleep. Luckily she has grown to love cartoons like her parents and so the ritual has started of cuddling on the couch with a blankey and watching what is on. Usually Phineas and Ferb.

So imagine my surprise when I heard that the famous and opinionated Gareth Cliff was going to be in this cartoon as a character and a voice? Besides being an accomplishment for him, this was going to be interesting and I must say that my curiosity has been spiked. Gareth is going to play Ducky MoMo (see the pictures) and it seems that Gareth Cliff has a few traits that are similar to Ducky namely that they are both sarcastic.  If you listen to Gareth on 5FM in the mornings, you will know what I mean!

YouTube Preview Image

Phineas and Ferb have been nominated for a BAFTA award and has even won an Emmy Award so you know that it isn’t junk! This is actually quite a pat on the back for Gareth Cliff as his name is being listed among A-List celebrities of Hollywood like Selena Gomez and Michael J Fox who have also been characters or voices in the show. Phineas and Ferb have also been running for three seasons so you know that they have to be popular have gotten this far.

Here is a video on what Gareth Cliff has to say about the show and a little more information on Ducky MoMo! All I can say is that my popcorn is ready to pop and my seat allocated on the couch so when the episode is released, it can have my full attention! Go Gareth Cliff, sorry Ducky MoMo!


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