I have recently come to t the conclusion that a Fussy Eater can also have another name: Sporadic Guzzler! Bella has always been a fussy eater but we have never struggled with her eating her porridge. To be honest I was at my wits end and started to Google to find ways to get her to eat more. Some of the tips worked and some of them didn’t but the ones that did and those that I figured out, I stuck to. The main tip that I found to work is not to make a fuss when she eats but to let her do it in her own way. This has led to large amounts of mess and clothes changes but at least she has been eating more. This makes it very strange when she becomes a Sporadic Guzzler and wants to eat everything in sight from pasta to bread to avo to cashew nuts. I have learnt to just keep asking her if she wants things and giving it to her. I think it has to do with her allergies, when they are in check then she wants to eat more but when they aren’t then she doesn’t feel too great and starts to eat less again. Some days I will make her the most amazing food and she will look at it and take a bite and then want nothing more to do with it. We try to keep the foods that she does love and eat easily in the house for when she is being really difficult. We have also discovered that she loves spicy and flavoured food and doesn’t like bland or too sugary foods.

So here are some of the tips that I have found to be working:

  • To get her to eat vegetables, I cook frozen mixed veg (you could use fresh ones too) and then fry some mince with mixed herbs and a pinch of salt. I then mix the two and blend it in a blender so that it is a bit coarse but that she can’t see the veggies and tell her its “vleisie” and she eats it all.
  • I get her involved in the cooking or give her a pot that has some macaroni in it, a spoon and some plastic bottles of spices and let her “cook”
  • If she asks for a certain food like hot chips, I will make them for her to show that she can also have a choice in what she eats.
  • We try to eat earlier so that she eats with us at the table as I have found that she doesn’t like to eat alone. It does make my food get a bit colder when I have to help her but I encourage her to use a fork or spoon to eat as much as she can alone.
  • I make extra of her favourite meals and then freeze them so if I am running a bit late, that I can heat it up and she doesn’t have to wait
  • I always have mealies and tuna on hand so that if she asks for it or is being really difficult, she will eat them.
  • When I pick her up from school, I play a game with her and ask if she wants different foods i.e. steak, burger, veggies and she will answer yes or no to some things but then I get an idea of what she feels like! Doesn’t mean that she is going to get what she wants but it keeps us entertained for a while.
  • If I make food for us, I will take some of the protein i.e. chicken out before adding the sauces or curry so that if she doesn’t like the food, she has it plain. She has surprised us by eating medium curry and seems to like it!
  • When we get home, I try to give her as many healthy snacks as I can because I have noticed that her sugar levels drop from the last time that she has had snacks at school and this can make her cranky, not in the mood for food and only want her bottle.
  • We are not pudding eaters in our family but I will give her some cookies or Flings now and then that she can have if she has been very good. She doesn’t eat sweets or chocolates so this is her treat! If she has been very good she can have some cake!
  • On weekends I try to stick to the times that she eats at school and have noticed a large change in her moods and if I don’t stick to them, she can get quite cranky!
  • If she is being very difficult, I will put some food in a bowl and tell her to go and give it to her Daddy. I often catch her around the corner munching “his” food!

If you have a fussy eater, try the above tips but mainly find something that suits your child. What works for mine doesn’t mean that it will work for yours as they have different personalities! Good luck and if you have some tips for me, please let me know! J

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