What does champagne, a vineyard at 9pm at night, hiking shoes, dust, full moon and some random droppings that I am hoping where a small goat? A Full Moon hike of course!

I like adventure and doing new things, routine can sometimes drive me nutty as I get bored which doesn’t happen easily so you can imagine how excited (also insert scared) I was to go on a pre-birthday! Full Moon Hike for Michelle’s 30th birthday last night!

I can tell you that I am not a hiker for the pure fact that I am terrified of snakes so I tend to “see” them wherever I walk in a mountain as I am in their turf! Hubby raised his eyebrows when he heard of the hike but was wise enough not to say much as he knows I will go to the end of the rainbow and back for Michelle. I don’t even have hiking shoes but after dusting them off, put on my gym pants and was ready to rumble!

The Full Moon hike is held once a month on Delevera Wine farm at the Dirtopia Trail Centre and cost R60 per adult and children under 10 are R25. We thought of taking Bella but to be honest, I would not take a kid up there under 5 unless you have strong arms and like to carry kids. and off we went for a picnic under the full moon!

We were slightly tired from the day so took the bakkie to the halfway point up the mountain and then walked climbed the rest of the way up! For a mom that is uhm fit from picking up and putting down a two year old I think I did pretty ok although I did use my camera a few times as an excuse to try to catch my breath and not look like a psycho! The view was amazing and it became quite chilly as we got higher up! The view at the top made my aching thighs forgive me for a few minutes while I watched the sun go down and the moon laugh at me. Michelle’s mom packed scrumptious sandwiches made with brie, salami and spinach and other mouth watering fillings and in the dark, our little group drank ice-cold yummy champers and sang a happy pre- birthday to a fabulous person. I hope Michelle felt special!

And then came the walk down.

Some people had torches and we used the full moon to guide us a bit so that it was easier to see where we were going. At one point we were surrounded by mist and I thought of the movie and mentioned to look out for any gorillas. This is Africa so I suppose one should say baboons? Instead of taking the bakkie down, some of us walked through the vineyards to the starting point, road lit by Iphone, drinking champers for our thirst and having a good old chat! I must say that it is something I will do again (bring champers) and it was really a lot of fun! My feet where covered in dust and I eased onto the couch when I got home but I will definitely do it again!


Today is Michelle’s birthday and I hope that it is a wonderful day for her! Her favourite movie is Beetlejuice so I baked a Beetlejuice cake with tombstones that say R.I.P 29! My mom helped me with it and she really is a superstar! Happy birthday Michelle!

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1 Comment on Full Moon hike, champers and Beetlejuice

  1. 😀 Glad you enjoyed for my fifthtieth (?) 50th we will be doing Kilimanjaro…as we will now be working up to bigger things:) and forgetting that we are creeping towards old age…love you to! Thanx for the most special cake and for making it up the mountain for me….and the hugs and time and effort and worrying, lekke eve,and maybe just a bit for having you all to myself for a night….yes I love B but you where there first:)

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