When I was pregnant I heard of this term “Porridge Brain” and I thought that people must be mad, could this really exist? Um yes, I agreed when I started to chat to hubby and forgetting half way what I was saying or finding my car keys in the fridge. Or while making a beetroot jam, cheese and lettuce sandwich, stopping half way through making it and looking at the ingredients as if an alien had dropped them there as I had forgotten about the sandwich while finding more ingredients in the fridge.

Bella is now 22 months and although it has gotten better, I still have memory problems.  I now call it “Organised scatterbrains”! Warning: Forgetful Mom Alert!  I can remember to pack all the things that she needs for her baby bag and get her dressed  and dropped at school but halfway to work I will realise that I don’t have mascara on or that that I have blue earrings with some random combination of bangle. This morning I had a mini heart attack as I arrived at her school and suddenly started wondering if I had put her shoe on again that had fallen off at home. You can only image the thoughts that went through my head! Luckily she had both on. My new other thing is that I keep messing up the days of the week!  The other day I got Bella up and dressed for school and went to wake my hubby up, who was not impressed with me especially when he saw the time and mentioned that it was Saturday. Last Friday morning I nearly let us all stay home for the day when I though Friday was Saturday! This week I keep thinking Thursday is today but that’s because I am going on holiday for the long weekend on Thursday!

So I have come up with a plan to do some more memory exercises and to try to get more sleep as apparently this is completely normal. I don’t find it normal at all and sometimes I miss my “pre-Bella old brain”. Now if only I could find my pen to write down my plan……..



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